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    Do not cry over spilled milk

    Amy sat on a rocking chair sipping her favorite coffee. She always thought coffee to be her best stress buster. Her first coffee date with David is still fresh on her mind. She can still visualize things that happened. She slipped in her favorite gown, neatly tied bun with minimal makeup. She looked gorgeous and David was awestruck with her beauty. They drove to the famous coffee shop in the street and she had her favorite coffee. Little she knew that things would change for the worst later on. She always felt happy in his company. She always dressed her best and made sure to make her date memorable. But now, in these 2 years, things have changed so much. She cannot get over the past incident. She regrets making her choice in selecting a man without a second thought.

    One fine morning when Amy was driving for her office she heard screams from the nearby bushes which is generally isolated from the public. Amy realized that someone needed help and walked towards the bush from where she heard the screams. She was shocked when she saw the love of her life David trying to molest a cute young girl. Amy never imagined her guy to be molester that too a child molester. She immediately took a picture for the proof, moved towards him and saved the innocent girl from the monster. Amy took a decision of not sparing him as he might not learn a lesson and might continue this again with other girls. She immediately called the police and handed him to them.

    Today, Amy is happy that she saved the little girl. Amy is happy that she took a brave decision and handed her love to the police. But she still regrets for her choice and for each and every moment spent with him. Just as Amy was dissolved in her thoughts, her friend sensed what is going on in Amy's mind. She advised Amy not to cry over spilled milk as things will not change. Instead be happy that at least you have taken action over a culprit and saved many young innocent girls.
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    A good story by the author giving a good moral learning. Sometimes we have to take tough decisions in our life and the action taken by Amy seems to be the right one as per her consciousness though she also losed her husband in the process.
    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no use crying over spilled milk. But it is better to have an understanding of the reasons for the milk to get spilled. This understanding will make us take precautions so that again the milk will never get spilled. If anything unwanted happens in our life, there is no use recollecting that and go on feeling sorry for the same. But we should learn from the mistakes happened and we should see that the same mistake will never be repeated. This is very important. Doing an analysis of the mistakes and knowing where we have gone wrong is a wise man's act. But feeling sorry forever for the mistake and doing the same mistake, again and again, is very unwise.
    The author has narrated the story well.
    I appreciate the author for the narration and the moral of the story is very good.

    always confident

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    It was indeed a brave decision taken by Amy. Such monsters should be taught a lesson and if we let them free they will surely repeat the crime. Sometimes it's difficult to identify the real character of the person as what happened with Amy. She should thank God as came to know the real face of David.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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