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    A Day in the life of a middle-class person

    "Dad, I have to pay college fee for this semester in the college. Tomorrow is the last date", Lalitha just informed her father and left. Mohan is sitting in the chair and thinking how to make ends meet.

    His son Vishnu just came and told his father that the school teacher is planning for an educational trip to Bangalore and he has to pay the money for the same by the weekend.

    Janaki, Mohan's wife came there with a cup of coffee and handed over the same to her husband. Just received the cup and still in the thought process only. Slowly Janaki said, "Our elder daughter's delivery date is approaching. We have to bring her here for the delivery. Please fix the date for bringing her by consulting the priest" Mohan simply nodded his head and continued his silence. Janaki took the empty cup and gone inside. Mohan is thinking about how to manage all these affairs.

    He is a commerce post graduate working in a private firm as an accountant. As he is not able to take care of all the expenses he is working on an hourly basis in a college in the evenings. By working part time he is trying to make the best of both the worlds. He is thinking of using an hour or so in the morning for teaching some students in the house for making a little more money.

    He got ready and started to his office. On the way, the Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO) of that place met him and asked him to meet him in the evening. Mohan carried on his work in the office and then in the college.

    Still, he is not able to understand, how to make ends meet. He started going to the priest for fixing the best auspicious date for bringing his daughter.

    All of a sudden he remembered that he has to meet the MRO. He changed the route and went to the MRO. By the time he reached MRO's office, MRO is waiting for him. MRO got up from his seat and invited Mohan. He informed that his son and daughter are in high school studies and he wanted Mohan to take special classes to them. He also informed that they will come to their house the next day morning.

    Mohan is happy for this development as he is also thinking of some tuition to some students. He said OK and came back home after getting the date fixed for bringing his daughter.

    The next day morning the MRO's children came to his house. They handed over a cover to him. He told them to come every day in the morning from the next day. After they left he opened the cover and there is some money as advance.

    A sigh of relief on his face. He thanked God for his timely help and started getting ready for the day's struggle.

    Make ends meet, is the phrase used

    This is my entry for the short story writing contest.
    Short story writing contest on Idioms and phrases
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    A good story with a natural narrative flow in it. The phrase is used in the most fitting manner.

    The depiction of the plight of a middle class person in managing his family affairs is well portrayed.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A wonderful description of the life of a middle-class man. The author has presented the story in a lucid way, detailing how people are working hard to make ends meet. It's the reality in our country.

    Many people are finding it tough to manage things and take up more than one job to meet the financial requirement of the family.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Being born in the middle-class family, I can too relate this story with my family.
    But I never ever felt low in any respect because being a middle class family member, I have a zeal to persue things with hard work own my own.
    I always want my parents to have one more earning hand and that would be me.
    Because I have seen students of aristocratic families being too much lazy and don't want to work hard because they already know that they have enough to survive luxuriously.

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