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    What lesson my tooth taught me really bit into me.

    I recall the rhyme line 'My teacher taught me when I went to school'... and have to amend it to say "My tooth taught me what I will never forget"..

    Proverbs , sayings, idioms and phrases are worthy and useful quotes to us for our daily life as they are available as 'knowledge concentrate' in a ready to use capsule. They are like bare acts of law. Though we can grasp the crux of the matter prima facie, the extent and expanse is brought out by the stories given in explanation to them. At the end of the story the moral behind it becomes very clear. That becomes guidance knowledge for future.

    Here I am going to narrate a real –life story-which is actually an incident happened to me. The incident has given me a practical lesson in demonstrating the truth of not one but two popular quotes; viz."A stitch in time saves nine' and 'Procrastination is the thief of time".

    It was about fifteen years ago. One day after dinner, I felt that the coconut grating in the dish was sticking in between my teeth. I worked with my tongue and it came out after some effort. Same exercise continued after every meal- the material sticking varied like 'udid dal 'piece, fibre of vegetables etc. I found that gradually a cavity has taken shape in my lower molar. Then I started using tooth pick to clear the food stuck into it. One day I started getting toothache. I just used home remedies. My wife was telling me to go to a dentist and get it rectified.. But the month was March. It was very crucial month at my office. So I kept postponing. I used to get relief from pain by OTC pain relieving tablets, using clove oil, gargling with salt water etc.

    Things became worse; my tooth got infected deeply and my whole lower jaw on that side froze and became senseless.

    I had to go outstation on an urgent matter. There I met a doctor and he just gave some preliminary medicines and told me to meet a dentist and cautioned me I may need a surgery also. I really got panicky. Once the urgent matter was over, I took leave and visited a dentist. He strongly scolded and chided me in taking things to such an extent. He started treatment. One tooth on that side had to be removed (only after infection was controlled). Two teeth had to be done root canal. Then a replacement was made with ceramic.

    The whole cost me in many thousands by money, few days' leave and trauma. The freezing sensation slowly started leaving and it took another month to become normal.

    Had I heard my wife's advice and visited a dentist at the start itself, I would have saved my teeth, lot of money, time and trauma. I thus learned in a costly way the essence conveyed by "A stitch in time saves nine' and 'Procrastination is the thief of time' .

    (This an entry for Short story writing contest on Idioms and phrases)
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    It is correct. Many people neglect when the problem is in the initial stages. As it becomes severe the people have to pay the penalty. The same thing happened to my wife. She had a problem in one of her teeth and as she has a fear of visiting a doctor, she neglected. She has not even told me. After 3 or 4 months, the problem became severe and she has to see a dentist. The dentist carried out root canal treatment for 2 teeth. She suffered a lot, money has been spent. If we have taken a timely action she might have avoided her sufferings. It is always true that a stitch in time saves nine. A good narration by the author. His real experience has become a post for the contest.
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    A nice and engrossing narration by the author. A timely action can save us from a lot of hassles and inconveniences. The message is loud and clear.

    Many times we in our laziness or due to important preoccupation delay some thing which turns out a nightmare later. It happens with many of us and then we learn by experience to be more cautious next time.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author has described a real-life story, a kind of which is experienced by many of us, in a nice way. As long as the pain is bearable, many of us do not take much care of it. This kind of things may lead to infections which can cost even more to heal. Surprisingly, if we find others facing the same issue we immediately ask them to look for remedial actions as was done by the author's wife in this case.

    But, when we suffer the same, often we neglect it by thinking that it is manageable and there are more important things to look after. A wonderful thread reminding us not to neglect things. It's not only limited to health issues but for every important issue faced by us regularly.


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    Venkiteswaran Sir,
    A well narrated personal experience to match with the idioms " "A stitch in time saves nine' and 'Procrastination is the thief of time."

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