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    True mean of republic- elections in india

    As Everybody know recently there were results of election in 5 states. Not a surprise, that BJP got a clean sweep. It's not about that people want congress government but the matter behind is something different. People just tired of BJP's flimsy excuses and they just want to make them feel that people are not happy with their work and progress. A republic holds the true meaning that it's rule of people, for people, by the people. Truly said.
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    Maybe it is a caution for the NDA government regarding the dissatisfaction of people over some issues. Now it is the government to take the signals positively and act accordingly. That may give them one more term in the centre. They may have to think about their attitude towards the farmers of the country and they should understand that farmers are going to play an important role. The KCR success in Telangana elections is mainly due to the Rytubandhu scheme through which he offered money to all the farmers irrespective of the quantum of the land they own. I think the central government will also think such measures now so that they will win again in the 2019 elections.
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    You are right. It's like a alarm for NDA government which may wake up them.

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    This happens many times that people want change and the ruling party gets a set back. Logically speaking we should consider the parties as per their merits and ability to contribute for the development of the country rather then simply want to change them. But in practice people are impatient and feel that by changing they will get the desired results. We have seen in past that even after changing we felt that we had done a mistake. Anyway, political parties are always benefited because of our indecisiveness to support the best party out of the lot.

    Democracy has many positive things in its structure but there are some inherent shortcomings in the judgement of the common people which sometimes brings an ordinary party to rule the country. In any case, people's verdict is final and one can not do anything in this respect.

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