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    Supreme Court's verdict On Rafale

    The top court of India today given its verdict on the Rafale Jet deal. Supreme court gave a clean chit to the Modi led government saying that there is no reason to doubt the process of making the decision in this particular issue. The verdict is a massive validation for the NDA government. The opposition parties in general and the Congress, in particular, are accusing the government saying that there is big corruption in this deal. The Rs,59000 crore deal is for the purchase of 36 jets. It was alleged that the government has gone for a higher price to help Ambanis to bag an offset contract from Rafel. The court also said that there is no evidence in this to say that the government has shown commercial favouritism to a private entity.
    This is a good news for the Modi supporters and difficult to digest for the others. Anyhow the reputation Modi is having as an uncorrupted leader strengthed with this verdict.
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    It's true that the apex court didn't find any concrete proof of favoritism, which was alleged by the entire opposition. The air force needs those jets urgently for the modernization of the country's defense and the apex court has clearly ruled out any kind of probe to look into the alleged crony capitalism. Actually, till now there are no serious corruption charges against the present NDA Government and the entire opposition is trying to nail them by making allegations of corruption.

    While GST and demonetization are policy decisions where the oppositions cannot bring in the clause of corruption, the Rafale Deal is between two governments and an offset partner is chosen in this deal who is absolutely new to deal with defense aircraft. We all know about the Augusta Westland scam, for which the investigation is still going on and there were alleged middlemen in that deal. Now the opposition used the Rafale deal as a political tool to corner the government as they found no cases of corruption to indict this government.

    After the verdict of the top court, it is clear that the government will not order any probe in the deal, but the opposition will anyhow pursue it to make it a big issue for the upcoming general elections.


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    The three-member Bench consisting of two favourite judges of opposition parties has given a very tight slap to the opposition parties and their chamchas. The Bench has given a clean chit to the Government. The Bench has stated that individual perception cannot influence the court into intervening. Further, the Bench has also clarified that the limits of judicial review in respect of defence procurements have to be determined upon a consideration of the individual facts and circumstances. The Bench has also clearly stated that the Supreme Court cannot decide on the wisdom to purchase 36 fighter jets in fly-away condition as against the earlier deal for 126 jets.

    Now, it is time to take on those anti-nationals who have caused irreparable damage to India's defence preparedness. They were planning to do more damages by trying to make the weapons system used in the aircraft, public.

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    Its true that the decision has come in favor of the Modi led NDA government but the Congress party has already used this in the bygone elections & which actually worked in their favor. In this world of technology the information is used to brain wash the mind of the voters but the important thing to note here that after so much nuisance & abruptly modified & fake publicity on this issue, who is in loss here?

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    Unfortunately, in our country we do not have a tradition of positive or constructive opposition. So the opposition will by some means try to malign and defame the ruling Govt and mostly, as history is witness, is successful in it's attempt.

    The general public does not go in these deep aspects as they are only bothered for their affiliations and some short term anticipated gains.

    Same thing has happened in this case and opposition has been so far able to take mileage out of it.

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    Is it too early to discuss the order? I think so. With the Center filing a correction petition asserting that the Hon'ble Court has misinterpreted what it stated with regard to the report by the CAG being placed before the JPC, the allegation by the opposition that the center had misled the Court seems to be gaining ground. It can be logically presumed that the Center had tactfully placed a wrong information before the Court in a sealed cover by masking the words thinking that an order might be passed before the recent assembly elections. Now that the cat is almost out of the bag, the Center is feeling jittery and is trying to cover up the fraud. So, let us wait for sometime before feeling too excited about the orders. There is more to it than what we have seen.
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    While the ongoing political controversy over the Rafale Deal is going on, the Indian Air Force (IAF) wanted the Government not to compromise the deal and to go ahead with the purchase of fighter jets. In the first week of November, the IAF Chief, ACMM BS Dhanoa, wrote to Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman that the deal to purchase 36 Rafale fighters from France should not be hampered due to the controversy,

    We also want that the conspiracy of canceling the deal and weakening the IAF must not be allowed to succeed. IAF needs Rafael and IAF must get these aircraft.

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