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    Dark colors of apples

    Ravi living in the mountains was a sphered wondering here and there doing nothing, He was in the class third around 8 years old when his mother died and after that, he left his school. And no one bothered much about that. He has an old grandmother and father who used to work in the city as his family. His father rarely came home.
    And whenever his father came he always fights with him because of his waste of time around. When he was 12 years he got to know his father has married another woman. It made him more of a rebel. His grandmother used to tell him to study to do something not to waste life, They have vast land in the mountains where various fruits used to grow but now all barren after his mother's death no one to care for them.
    But he never listened to her. Years passed and went by like that his new mother and brother came from the city they all were grown up now. Ravi was 24 and his brother was around 12 a sister of 9 years old. They were well mannered, sophisticated speaking in English that made Ravi hesitate to talk to them.
    His new mother saw him with disgust, his brother and sister saw him with shame like they don't want to tell anybody he was their brother. They called him by funny names. While Ravi was eating an apple brought by his father from the market. His father asked him why don't you do something at least earn something even if you sell apples around shops at least earn 100 bucks so that you don't have to look at others for the money. Ravi ate that apple of shame silently without saying a word
    His grandmother who saw the shame in Ravi's eyes. He called his younger grandson and asked her to write a letter to her younger brother writing a message to come and meet her before she dies.
    After some days when the brother of old women arrived. She told him about the incident happened with Ravi the old man though was not much literate but called Ravi and told him to let's make your apple of shame into the apple of pride.
    He called a Krishi darshan number which he saw on television and asked about the land Ravi had in the village if they were good for apple harvest. And until the tree grows use of land. He got all the information and guided Ravi who was grieved worked very hard. But didn't tell any of these to his father and kept working hard their visits got less and less.
    9-8 years later when his grandmother was on death bed his father and his new family arrived as she asked him to find a bride for Ravi.
    They saw their home to be completely transformed into a new one with many workers around. They were all shocked by the progress all around. In the evening when all were sitting around Ravi who was 34 years now they wanted to ask about all this but kept silent.

    Then Ravi's father saw shining apple in the full baskets in the kitchen so red in color asked his mother how these apples so beautiful in color.
    His mother told him this is the shine and color of hard work. He keeps a basket in the kitchen and serves them to all the guest and tells them it is the apple of shame which my father gave me instead of guidance years ago which made me the apple of everyone's eye in the village.
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    A good story and there is no doubt that hard work is the key to success in the life. The author has created a good narration to bring this story of teaching these moral values.

    Even an idle person can be transformed in an energetic and ambitious person only thing is zeal and determination to achieve something in life should be there.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A real desire to win the race will make us to work hard. If we are casual in our approach we may not be successful always. This is a fact established many times. There are many examples for that. A good story by the author.
    always confident

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    Good story of Ravi. It happens sometimes we dont realise that we should work hard in life but when someone criticises us we understand it. Hard work has no alternate, one has to work hard to get success in life. I have seen lots of people who got success in life by working hard. They got everything in life, they started it from nothing.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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