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    When they are unable to execute the convicts, why they awarded death penalty?

    Remember the horrific Nirbhaya rape case? It took place six years ago and 4 of the convicts were awarded death penalties. In July, the apex court rejected their pleas of review and upheld the judgement of the Delhi High Court as well as the Trial Court that awarded death penalty to those 4 convicts. Capital punishment for these heinous crimes works as a deterrent and I am surprised by the reaction of the top court on a plea seeking execution of the convicts at the earliest.

    I am quoting the justices of that bench, who said "What kind of prayer you are making?", "you want us to go around Delhi and execute these people?".

    Well, nobody wants that. It is not the job of the court to go around places and carry out the execution. A simple order from the bench to carry out the process is enough to hang them. When the punishment to the convicts of a horrific rape and murder case cannot be carried out even after six years, then I don't think there is any requirement of keeping the provision of death penalty as a form of punishment in the constitution. The judges are awarding a punishment, even the top court is approving it, but when it comes to carrying out the process they prefer to linger on the issue. Members, what is your take on this issue?
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    In our country the courts are working in a slow pace and a lot of time goes in reaching the verdict day. Any new point whatever small comes in the picture and the next date is fixed for hearing. People who have experienced the proceedings of a court in connection with a court case may be knowing these tortuous details.

    Another thread Justice delayed is justice denied is there where discussions on these issues as well as the delay in courts is being elaborated and members who are interested can also read the salient points there in this regard.

    Knowledge is power.

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    This is a big problem in our country.A person who kills fellow human beings with in no time will be given years of time to prove his innocence. After passing so many years some verdict comes which will not have any impact on the culprit. In addition government has to spend good amount of money on him during his stay in the jail. I feel in this country innocent people has to pay the penalty. The system is designed like that. Nobody wants to amend the system. As a matter of fact people who do such mischievous things should be killed on the spot. But that will not happen. In every issue political and monetary issues will play a big role.
    The law and order protecters and judiciary system should have a serious thinking on this way and they should come out with a new proposal where in culprits will be punished very soon after committing a crime. The government should also cooperate with these people and they should not interfere in these matters.

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