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    The Doctor’s Rebuke

    The disturbed Nibha went to her elder brother's room to discuss an important issue. Her brother, Somesh, was humming his favourite song and arranging some official files when he noticed his sister's anxious look. Somesh stopped arranging his papers and lovingly asked about her anxiety.

    Nibha conveyed that their father had piles which led to heavy bleeding. She added that he had become very fragile. Even their mother had asked him about his problem yesterday, but he brushed it aside. Nibha also suggested that it was time to consult a renowned doctor.

    Somesh understood the gravity of the situation so decided to take a leave from the office. He and Nibha went to their father and requested him to get ready so that they could take him to a hospital for a check-up. Mr Dharmesh Seth wanted to convince them that there was no need to consult an allopathic doctor because he was taking homoeopathic medicines from his doctor friend. Both the children ignored his words and nagged him to get ready for the hospital.

    After a while, they drove to a well-known missionary hospital. Nibha helped her father to come out of the car, and Somesh went to park the car. He looked pale and was fumbling while walking so, his daughter held him tightly and slowly walked towards the entrance of the hospital building. In the meantime, a nurse who was passing by noticed Mr Seth and reacted very quickly. She asked Nibha to wait while she swiftly went to bring a wheelchair for the patient. She came running with a wheelchair and helped Mr Seth to sit. Thereafter, she guided them to the outdoor ward and asked Nibha to complete the formalities for consulting a doctor.

    Thereafter Somesh came to know about Dr Sinha, a surgeon, whom their family knew very well, was present at the outdoor. He booked an appointment and waited for their turn to come. Sometime later it was Mr Seth's turn, and the moment all of them entered the doctor's cabin, the doctor wanted to know about the patient's problem. Immediately, the doctor advised for a blood test to find out the haemoglobin percentage. A lab boy came and collected the blood sample, and meanwhile, the doctor examined the patient. Dr Sinha asked Mr Seth to keep lying. The patient, his children and the doctor all seemed worried. Later, Somesh collected the blood report and brought it to Dr Sinha.

    The doctor's facial impression frightened the siblings, so they impatiently waited to know the report. Dr Sinha said that the haemoglobin percentage was too low and the patient needed surgery to remove piles. Even he advised for a few bottles of blood before the operation as an emergency. While giving advice, the doctor lost his calm and rebuked Nibha and Somesh. Dr Sinha mentioned that they belonged to an educated family, had no dearth of knowledge, knew your father was on a pacemaker, had knowledge about father's blood loss which might take away life, lived in the middle of the city, knew the hospital, even was aware of the doctor, had no transportation issue, and still behaved like ignorant. The reaction of the doctor left Nibha and Somesh at their wits' end. They felt guilty, got terrified, and became more concerned about their father's health.

    By God's grace, the medical treatment worked well, and Mr Seth recovered completely. Almost after twenty days, the doctor discharged him. Nibha and Somesh accompanied their father back home in a happy mood.

    I used the idiom, at wits' end, in the story. This is my entry for the short story contest
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    If we do not take timely actions then we will land in more problems especially in the medical problems with the elderly people. Going late to doctors is not only a blunder but there are ample chances to get banging from him and hear things from him which will label us as irresponsible and careless.

    It is said that coming events cast their shadows before and we must foresee such things and take a timely decision for consulting with a doctor who is the only expert in this line.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A stitch in time saves nine. That is a very valid phrase. This suits for all medical ailments. If we don't take medicines in time the disease will get multiplied and sometimes chances of getting cured also will be lost. So a timely action is very important. This fact has been brought out in this story well.
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    A real problem which is a cause of worry for many is brought out in this story. There are people who neglect their health issues and do not consult the doctor unless the pain becomes intolerable.

    When these type of things happen, the immediate relatives of the patient become nervous and a doctor's rebuke is enough to make them upset. A good story by the author to show how negligence can take an ugly turn.


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