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    When your guess becomes as good as mine

    They went to the marriage reception hall a bit early. It's an unknown place and quite far away from their locality. They thought of returning back earlier and planned accordingly. Last night also they talked to Himadri and told him their plan, but today he is missing in the party. They came to the reception of the nephew of Himadri, but unable to locate him. They thought since he stays nearby, maybe he will come late. After all, he is the uncle of the groom and might be busy with some other important works.

    Himadri is their colleague and a good friend, but since they never attended any of his family gatherings earlier they do not know any of his family members. They asked one gentleman about Himadri and their imagination came true. They learned he went out to complete an important task and would return within an hour. By knowing they are Himadri's colleague, the gentleman introduced them to the bride and groom and told the groom about them. They blessed the newlywed couple and presented them the gift. By the time, they were introduced to many of the relatives of Himadri and the relatives thanked them for attending the party since they traveled a long distance to attend the reception. They were planning to have their dinner along with Himadri, but the relatives requested them to finish the dinner early since they have to take a long journey to return to their home. They kept the popular request and finished their dinner.

    They were moving around and anxiously waiting for the arrival of Himadri. Suddenly, one of them looked at the nameplate of the reception hall. It was not the same as mentioned in the invitation card and the address is also different. He told his friend about this and they enquired from one of the invitees about the location of the reception hall mentioned in the card. They got to know it is a few hundred meters away from this hall. They stood there perplexed. It's already late now. They have finished their dinner and also presented the gift to the couple. Now, what to do? They are looking at each other with an expression of "Your guess is as good as mine". Their anxiety is visible on the face. Suddenly, that gentleman who introduced them to the newlywed couple came from behind and asked them why they became so much worried. They asked him about Himadri's surname and profession. As usual, it didn't match with that of the Himadri they are looking for. Coincidentally, here also Himadri is the name of the groom's uncle and that's why they received a warm welcome. They understood that they are "Barking up the wrong tree".

    The gentleman laughed for a while and patted on their back. He told them things like this may happen at times. They thanked the gentleman and slowly moved out of the hall thinking how lucky they are because somehow if Himadri arrived by that time the situation could have been more embarrassing.

    (Here the Idiom is: "Barking up the wrong tree", which means something wrong has been done that you thought correct earlier)

    This is my entry to the Short story writing contest on Idioms and phrases
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    A good use of the phrase 'Barking up the wrong tree'. In the marriage season such mistakes are common especially when the name is also same. Sometimes from the overview when you do not find anyone as acquainted to you the doubt comes in the mind that you are at a wrong place but yes, sometimes in the hurry, we simply go to the dais and present the gift and leave the venue.
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    A good story. A good example for the phrase, " Barking up the wrong tree". Many times especially in marriage season when there are many marriages on we will have some confusion. In this case the name of the uncle of groom is same. That has created more confusion. Anyhow they attended a marriage function, gave the gift and had the dinner. The mission is over. Sometimes what we think correct may go wrong like this . When we don't know many people in the gathering this type of mistakes may be having more chances to happen.
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