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    Should we not have educational background to decide postings?

    Unlike most of the previous RBI Governors, who had superb economics backgrounds with a rich research base in their careers, the present RBI Governor is a post-graduate in history.

    This great man was also supposedly one of the brains behind the disastrous demonetization exercise that killed most of the unorganized sector. Even when the RBI openly said that 99.6 percent of the money came back to the banks, this official was tight lipped.

    Should we not have educational background of the person as the sole deciding factor to decide such placements? What do members have to say on this?
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    Demonetisation has not been understood by many of us in its true intended meaning and due to sudden blocked of black money the loss to the unorganised sector or any other sector is being highlighted to show the ineffectiveness of the demonetisation.

    The data of reserve bank that 99.6 % of cash is back in the banks is to be taken with a pinch of salt because it only shows that people somehow managed to convert the black money into white through various indirect ways like giving to others temporarily and then taking it back. But the interesting thing is that money is now in the white channel and will be taxable wherever it is invested. So reduction of black money is always a setback for all those business activities which were going without cash memos and tax invoices.

    In technical and operational work the core education matters much but in top positions the administrative and management capacities are more important. For example an ordinary graduate can qualify IAS exam and in a few years can become the head of any Govt agency or district collector or secretary in the ministry and can run the office better than a highly qualified academic person.

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    Demonetization is disastrous?
    May not be disastrous for all. Sensex jumped 7000 points in one year!
    Foreign money exited, but all Indian money including black/white/red….. etc all colors flowed into the market!
    Another round of demonetization may shoot the SENSEX up to 45000!! Money generate money.

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    Demonetization is definitely disastrous for dishonest politicians and businessmen/middlemen. For others, it caused temporary difficulty.
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    The demonetization was simply an effort on behalf of the government to bring back into the bank accounts of any kind of unaccounted money. The unaccounted money refers to the cash stock or into other forms of money which don't have proper book keeping. This unaccounted money is dangerous because this can even be utilized for the terrorists or other illegal activities & if not the case but kept it hidden then still its a wastage because of being unaccounted without book keeping its not traceable for the government which means that this can't even be utilized either the developmental jobs too.

    Even after so long time & if we are not able to understand this simple fact than God help us.

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    In addition, why the educational background of the person as the sole deciding factor in determining the areas of placement? Does expertise matter or not?

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    My opinion is that after attaining a particular level of experience education qualification is not very important. The experience counts more than educational qualifications. However the present RBI governor is an IAS and known well for his abilities.
    Demonetisation has brought a lot of money lying inside to the banks. This is definitely a good result of demonetisation. A common suffered for a little time but people who are having more black money might have suffered more. Now majority of the money is in banks.

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    Nothing, education, knowledge or experience, matters when a government decides to follow the 'my man'/ 'our men' policy. Sad but true.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    For such a high-level government post, educational background or academic qualification doesn't matter. It is the knowledge and experience in that field matters lot. In addition, the government follows My man policy. Politics plays an important role in such high-level appointments.

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    The author has only mentioned the qualification of the present RBI Governor which he acquired before joining IAS. But he didn't mention his education during his service. I do know it very well that every IAS Officer undergoes many long-term training/course in prestigious foreign universities and IIMs on public finance, public administration, financial management and on various other related aspects. Further, the invaluable experience of an IAS Officer in various Ministries/Departments/administrative divisions must also be taken into account.

    I think the author has conveniently ignored these aspects while raising the present thread.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr Sakti Kant Das was the former secretary of Economic affairs department. Without supurb knowledge in economics, how he became the secretary of Economic affairs?
    Economic affairs Secretary can't become RBI Governor??

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    Hi, Educational background to decide the posting is very much necessary. You cannot ask a journalism student to prepare Balance sheet or a Commerce student to install Java. This is practically not possible at all. However, if the person has studied in that background to some extent but have not achieved masters can still have to be given a chance if the candidate has enough experience which shall justify his suitability to the present role.

    In my company itself (Retail industry), I have seen a large amount of 10th pass students turned out to be Regional Heads over a period of time due to their consistent improvement and mastery in the subject on account of frequent exposure to the domain. And at the same time, have seen Masters and Professional Degree holders reporting to those less educated talented bundles. Thus said, Educational background may not have to be given higher preference if the posting being offered to is not technical oriented.

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    Yes, educational background is essential for any post. Apart from education, knowledge and experience also count.

    Consider an example a graduate in history cannot perform in design division of an automobile industry, there we need an engineer with a knowledge of basic design modules.


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    Educational qualification alone cannot ensure expertise and efficiency. However a good educational background in the relevant field is always an asset. We had good ministers and Heads of various institutions in the past who were not specially educational qualified in that filed and there were no such specialisation in those days.

    In the present case the new RBI governor had good experience and exposure in the related matters as he is having IAS background training and practical experience in administration of all these years.. His stint in various ministry/departments had given him minimum background knowledge in matters dealt by RBI. No one comes to a post first by gaining all experience and expertise beforehand. They possess some minimum needed essential qualities and they can acquire further skill easily on the job.

    The new RBI governor ma be judged after some time after he settles down in the job from his performance.

    As of no he is a candidate chosen by the central government as they are sure he will keep a smooth relationship with the finance ministry and government and will not generate problems to the government when the elections are nearing.
    But had he been more adorned and honoured by more specialist qualifications and had some stint in some international finance/monetary organisations, or teaching positions in some foreign universities, the criticisms would have been less, because our thinking and evaluation are all moulded in that way .

    Let us wait to see how he performs as RBI governor. Hope he will not fully succumb to political pressures.

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    Yes, we should check the educational background and then decide on the postings which is followed during any interview process. But for becoming the governor of RBI or to head any top institution of the government, it requires the approval of the government and that's why it depends on the government whom to choose for the top position. Mr. Das is an IAS officer and managed the administration. The job of any top-level executive is mostly related to managing the administration and in this case, Mr. Das was chosen because he was a former finance secretary.

    The knowledge of the subject is always essential to make a prudent decision and since he worked with the finance ministry, he should have good knowledge about the affairs in the RBI. At this point, it is very difficult to say how effectively he will be able to handle his position and only time will tell how good or bad is the decision of his choice.


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    But Mr. Bhattacharya, how do we conclude that the present RBI Governor doesn't have knowledge of economics or public finance? Please go through my previous response (#654996).
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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