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    Why not have only early morning timings for college students?

    In the huge metro cities and even B class cities, a huge problem is the presence of hundreds or thousands of school vans and college buses trying to overtake each other in the peak hours. Most of them open for education at 8AM or 9AM and this poses a huge problem for smooth traffic.

    There are accidents galore. Can we think of some unique solutions? Can we have colleges starting at 7.30 AM, so that they can close rather early? The breakfast timings could be between 8.15 to 8.30AM. In a famous group of colleges in Chennai, the students do get to eat healthy breakfast provided by the college itself, as part of the fees. This saves the parents precious time in the morning.

    Even if the college does not provide such food, the students, who would be more than 18 years old, can easily board the city buses or even reach colleges on time, using their own vehicles. The law should be amended to enable license to be given to use mopeds when one turns 17. The schools may start at 8.30AM or even at 9AM. If this is done, there will be less traffic and it may be easy to regulate peak hour traffic.

    What do members have to say on this?
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    A very good thought and in fact we should have adopted it long ago. Breakfast is no issue. We are going to college for education and other things are secondary. One can even have his tiffin box with him.

    There may be a resistance from the teachers community and office staff as there is a natural tendency to avoid early morning assignments. It is a basic human psychology.

    I remember, few years ago the banks in our country made a lot of publicity by telling that some of their branches in the cities will open on Sundays and the employees will get their weekly holiday on other day like Monday or some day. It worked only for a few months and then failed miserably.

    Courts are having number of pending cases but we can not increase the number of judges and staff and make two shifts of the court one from 8AM to 1 PM and another 2 PM to 7 PM.

    There are many such examples which look easy to carry on but we can not do them. It is the sheer resistance of people for change and especially resistance to odd our assignments.

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    Shifting college timings is a solution to this problem. Otherwise having common buses to all the schools and colleges is another solution. Now the buses of all colleges and schools will go to all the areas of the city. Instead of that one or two for all the students of all schools to one area may reduce the number of buses to each place. To our area in the mornings almost six buses will come for the students. In each bus only 2 students will get in. So if only one bus comes and picks them Allan’s drops them near their respective schools and colleges which are in the same area the traffic will reduce.. All schools can give contract to some transporters and they can have common buses to schools and colleges in one area from one area. This will make the transportation easy and traffic will definitely come down.
    Now the eligibility for getting a driving licence is 18 years. There is no special licence to mopeds. Common licence to two wheelers. So we can't have separate age limit to mopeds. Licence requirement for the mopeds can be removed instead of changing the age limit for licence to two wheelers.

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    One important thing which we need to observe is that there is increased rush in the form of migrated individuals from the less developed areas or backward regions to the high developed areas & in due course the traffic & pollution will lead to increase simultaneously. If we can remember than the one revolutionary project by the Delhi government had implemented in the name of "odd-even" which failed miserably & the reason being that we are still not equipped with the required resources.

    The only options left with us is to develop the undeveloped regions in order to stop the migrations in large numbers & at the same time we need to work on the areas of controlling the population explosion. But again the questions arises about why so much disproportionate development which we are evident of & which might be the core reasons to all the problems.

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    Effective traffic management and implementing strict rules will help a bit to reduce traffic congestion. Now when the students are arriving at schools and colleges earlier, the teachers also have to reach early. During the early morning, the number of public transport remains less and many teachers might be using local trains to come to college and schools.

    If all the school and college timings are changed then subsequently the timings of the public transport and trains might need a change too depending on the local situation. The concept of a shared bus as mentioned by Dr. Rao is an effective solution to reduce the number of school/college buses on the road and this shared mode of transport is becoming popular among office goers too. Instead of going to the office in one's individual car, few employees staying in the same route may share a single car which can also reduce the transport cost in some way.


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    I don't think there is a problem with the school timings as their timings are in the early morning. I agree the traffic can be reduced if the college timings are kept like the school timings. But that's tough to do that.

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    Dear Sir, I respect your decision, but a solution has two sides – positive and negative. By shifting the timing to prior and offering free meals to the students may sound great; yet these shall have the negative side as well.

    To name, only 30% of the Indian students' population would be travelling via school buses and the major portion would be through public transport, personal vehicle and in foot. As public transport would not have major impact on traffic issues so is the personal vehicle and not even the the students walking by the foot, you are logically asking to shift the timings to turn away the movement of 30% of student's population, leaving aside the interest of the remaining 70% is not preferred.

    As far as meals is concerned, we are living in a country where the lifestyle & eating preference of the people is diversified. Introduction of meals may not be useful to all. Having said this, what really need a change to avoid traffic issues is – voluntary participation to use public transport, pooling the people up while travelling over private vehicle, discipline and honesty in following basic traffic norms and the mindset of the people.

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