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    Internet has brought paradigm shift in human behavior

    Internet is now everywhere. People moving from one place to other are engrossed in the internet to pass their travel time. Persons sitting in the park are busy with their smartphones. People standing in the queues waiting for their turn are preferring to surf net rather then talking to others in the line.

    Everyone is busy in communicating and chatting with online virtual friends. They do not have time to talk to the people in the real world. Even if they have time they are not inclined to do so.

    Where we are racing to? What is the future going like to be? Is this shift in human relations is a unhealthy trend?

    Please give your views on it.
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    4 years back when I used to travel by a bus from Rajahmundry to my native place. I used to see many people talking to each other. I was carrying my phone in my pocket and I used to respond calls during travelling. Many of the people used to stare at me. Today morning I got into a bus in Rajahmundry to go to my native place. The bus is pindrop silence. Nobody was talking with each other. All were having their phones in their hands and busy with that. I thought that what a change in a short time. A sea change I should say.
    Even conductor also managing his phone. Only driver is busy in driving. All others are with phones only. This is a clear indication that we are becoming isolated in this world. People won't bother about anybody except the phones. What happens if this internet is not there and at the same time how people will have friends to help them in times of need.

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    Yes, it's true. People prefer to spend more time with their smart mobile devices all the time. They least bother about what is happening around them and think they know almost everything. With the widespread coverage of the internet, all kinds of users are using their smart gadgets to communicate with one another and at times it is surprising to find their lack of common sense.

    We all are aware of the spreading of false news which is directly related to the addiction with the smart mobile devices and many of them blindly believe what is circulated on the internet. There are lots of websites from where we are getting useful information, there are many sites also which are duping the users. People must have the idea about this and there are instances where they are providing wrong information because of gathering that information from the untrusted website.

    This addiction to mobile devices is giving rise to many accidents. We know how carelessly people use their earphones while walking on the streets and their craze about selfie in any situation is making the situation more difficult. People must remember that every device has been invented to make things easier, but if they become compulsive to use anything then it becomes an addiction and that is what is bothering many of us. Humans have invented the devices and we need to control the behavior of those devices, but nowadays it seems the devices are controlling the behavior of humans.


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    Hi, the severe damage to the human relations has occurred since the day the mobile was brought into existence in full. Internet is just an extension which shall further deteriorate the human relations. The contemporary world now focuses on capitalistic approach which teaches how to make more money and get settled in life and time turns out to be very important denominator. Earlier, the rapport used to get built automatically during long journey over public transport as the main source of spending the time was to converse with the co-passengers; but now the commuters would rather prefer to stay mute and engross over the internet.

    The future would be taken over by data or internet for sure. And we may not to get amused if the marriages too are getting executed virtually and the same would be termed legal by law!

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