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    Berth Number 64- Train Number 16268- An enlightening journey.

    I kept my suitcase beneath my seat and sat down. And just as the train started moving, a young girl came in rushing and after ascertaining the seat number, sat in the seat opposite to mine. I looked at her as she was panting and was trying to make herself comfortable. More than the smile she presented to me amidst her confusion, what mesmerized me were her eyes. I could view an ocean in her eyes; they were so enchanting.

    The train gained speed and we, as usual travelers, settled down in our own spaces. She took out a book from her handbag and started reading. I did not pay much attention as opening a book has been observed by me as a natural idea of single women passengers to avoid getting into too much contact with co-passengers. I sat looking out through the window. Sightseeing while on a train journey is always a great experience.

    In between, I just passed a glance at her and saw that she was looking at me. I smiled and she returned the smile. That was the beginning of a casual acquaintance. We exchanged the usual talks as to where we were going, for what and all that. To continue the conversation and to make it more comfortable, I asked her about the book she was reading.

    'The Alchemist by Paulo', she replied.

    'Good one', I said.

    'Not just good, too good. You know, I am reading this book for the umpteenth time and each time I get to interpret the story in a different way'.

    I could not, but, agree.

    Along with the changing landscapes outdoors, our topics too kept on changing from books to art to politics and so on. In addition to the way she was putting up her views and giving her opinions, I was watching her expressions. She was really beautiful and very intelligent too with a very clear view of everything she spoke of.

    An interruption propped up in the form of the pantryman asking for orders for lunch. I ordered a vegetarian meal and looked up to her as though asking whether she wanted to order something. With that same enchanting smile that covered her face, she said that she had brought a packed lunch.

    As we were having our lunch, two RPF officials passed through on their routine rounds and I could not avoid observing a sudden change in the expression and body language of the lady. She appeared to be perturbed and turned to look at the policemen who were walking away. On seeing that I was observing her with a curious face, she tried to bring back that smile on her face and stood up to go to the wash without finishing her lunch.

    After lunch, I decided to take a short nap. My afternoon slumber was broken by the sound of a tough male voice. I woke up to see three men standing below and talking to the lady. I got down and asked one gentleman as to what the issue was. His reply literally shocked me. He said that the lady was a drug carrier and she was carrying 500gms of heroin now for handing it over to some drug peddler.

    Seeing the disbelief and shock on my face, the officer continued, 'Sir, never judge a book by its cover. These types of carriers are most of the time good looking and well educated. Their looks can be deceptive'.

    They took her when the train reached the next station. The smile was no longer there on her face.

    Idiom selected- Never judge a book by its cover.

    This is an entry for the Short story writing contest on idioms and phrases.
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    Good story. It is true, we should not judge a book by its cover. It will be definitely misleading. The author used this phrase very aptly. These days we may not be able to understand the people by their appearance. They look smart but do many unwanted things. In this society it has become a practice. Many people will be very obedient till their work is over. Then they show their real attitude.
    One cousin of my father was appearing very innocent and we used to appreciate him for his good manners. But we came know that he has beaten his father and mother also, as they have given a part of their wealth to their daughters also along with him.

    always confident

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    An excellent story. The narration is flowing like a small river without any noise. Beautiful use of the the idiom selected.

    On the lighter side, I wish there should be separate awards for the participating editors otherwise ordinary mortals like us don't stand a chance if such literary entries are pouring in.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Wow the things took turn for worse here. I thought the girl didn't have a ticket or she ran away from home. She was a drug trafficker, wow. And I would like to point of how you use the 'The Alchemist' in your story is very interesting. Picking minute details like the name of a book and the experience of reading would make the stories look real. So all along it felt like a narration of real event than a thought. Good work. And also I absolutely hate the praises The Alchemist get. The book is good, no disagreement there. But the ones who raise it to the pedestal of the best book ever are the ones I despise. But The Alchemist was the first book I ever read so I too can spare some affection towards it. It seems to be the favorite of girls from 12-20 ages.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    An interesting story to explain the idiom 'Never judge a book by its cover'. I enjoyed your train journey onboard Karnataka express.

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    Ouch! That was almost like an excerpt from a movie! And yes, we are not supposed to conclude on a person until being known in full. In fact this theory need to be imbibed by few people wherein some of us still believe if a person could able to speak in English, he is a legend and the way people treat them is next to heaven. External beauty doesn't decide what the person inside and their intent of being the way they are. Well written story - I am unsure whether this was a friction or a fact; anyways, three cheers!
    "Whatever may be the situation of the forest,
    a Lion would never eat Grass!"

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    Yes, it is true never judge a book by its cover. It happens many times that we dont be able to identify the person in actual.

    I remember when I was in a hostel one of my friends was caught stealing things of others. Even he stole my things also which all of us found in his room. He was beaten by others for it but I didn't try much to save him because I knew people would think that I am also with him in all his thefts.

    Sometimes we are deceived by the cute faces of people and that is what this lady tried to do and was smuggling drugs.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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