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    Importance of humour in our life

    It is said that humour is the sweet sap of our life. Humour keeps us happy and diverts our mind from serious and strenuous work in hand. Many managers are well known for telling the anecdotes in the presence of the employees to make the situation to appear comfortable so that the people start feeling at ease. This may be a managerial technique but it works fine in many situations.

    We like to view comedies and hilarious satires only to quench our thirst for humor. It is one of the essential ingredients for obtaining relaxing moments in otherwise busy life today.

    There are some reserved and serious persons who do not appear to be enjoying this attribute in life. But we do not know whether they may be having this desire fulfilled in their spare time with TV or books etc when they are alone. They may not like to have it in the company of others.

    What is your take on it? Do you also feel that it is a vital necessity for us?
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    Yes, it is essential in life. Sometimes we get so much stressed in life that a small humour of someone make us relaxed and refreshed for a moment.

    Every day in every sphere of life we get tensions which are obvious. Comedy has the power of changing human moods. It can take a person out of depression make him/her feel relaxed and refreshed, that is the reason why comedy movies get a good response from the audiences. It is rightly said that laughter is a good medicine.


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    Humour is very important in our lives. When we are very much stressed a little humour will give us a very good relief. That is why even in movies also there will be a separate track of comedy with a male and female roles for that track. When the seriousness in picking up, for a relief the director will bring them on to the screen. In the same way in our real life also when the things are getting too much tight we should try to get diverted to some humour it will give some relief to us.
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    A very interesting thread is written by the author describing the importance of humor in our busy lives. Yes, I do feel that humor is a vital necessity for us. We all must appreciate it as it is wisely said that laughter is the best medicine. Laughter can decrease stress, tension and relieve anxiety. What can be a more healthy way to relax and rejuvenate every now and then in our stressful and hectic hours. A healthy humor which rejoices everyone and brings smiles on faces is always welcome and is need of the hour. Humor that is created by degrading others and by hurting sentiments is of no use.

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    Humor is the quintessential part of life to keep the working environment active and relaxed. I do agree, many of the corporate companies are not giving preference to this ingredient in a formal structure; but are aware of the fact that having humor around shall boost the performance and productivity up as the employees mind would be feeling refreshed. Humor should be aimed for relaxation of mind rather victimizing the other being and laugh at them.

    Few set of people would wrongly have a notion that – the more humor they produce, the more they get away from being dignified. This is the wrong thinking as many popular scholars, businessmen and legends like Swami Vivekananda, Albert Einstein and recent Shah Rukh Khan had sense of humor which they used to portray time and again. Humor makes the dead walk.

    Corporate companies should come up with plans to bring humor in work life of employees by way of creating conducive atmosphere for communication and being, arranging standup comedy sessions on a weekly (which already many companies are doing), employee engagement activities etc.

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    How we can think of a day without some time set apart for humour. However, we are not purposefully setting apart a time span for it. It automatically come in between our routine activities. Even when we are discussing serious issues at the office with seniors or guests, humour automatically come in between. Everybody will welcome such interference of humour in between serious talks.
    We have seen in the cinemas of earlier years, certain characters are incorporated just for introducing humour in between the story telling. Even certain characters were designated for this purpose alone. Their role will not be affecting the flow of cinema's story.

    In life also can we think of a day without a pinch of humour. In weeklies and magazines also we notice some pages set apart for this. Cartoons may be included in some magazines, with this motive.


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    Humour makes a man (and also a woman) healthy. It is a stress-buster. It eases the tension. It also makes the muscles of the face flexible. Humour is good for health, mind and our surroundings.
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    I read someone's WhatsApp status which I liked very much which was "don't seize the day just tickle its belly". I really liked the humour behind this line. I believe everyone should live by these lines. Too much seriousness makes life boring and awkward as well.
    I believe humour is a necessary part of life and should be taken seriously.
    Rather than being serious get serious about having a sense of humour, it will ease out our lives.

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    Humor definitely drains out the tension and allow the body to perform its function at a peak - level with a renewed energy. However, stress free life can be achieved with our own practices and mostly changing our thinking - concept. When ever I feel slightly stressed, I go to the episode of Mr Been who with his natural acting could make the audience laugh with the core of the heart. In Indian cinema, I do recall up Johney walker, Mahmood and Kishore Kumar who could create the scene of laughter with their natural acting.
    Laughter therapy being practiced in the foreign countries are the most welcome steps and the same is needed in our life as well to lessen the unnecessary stress making our lives dull. We need to take some break with the routine life and should go in some session in laughter which could renovate our energy in a positive direction so that we could enjoy the life with the maximum pleasure.


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    Humour is always important in every sphere of our lives. Other than making a serious moment lighter, it helps to relax a lot. At this time, when depression is on the rise, humour is even more necessary to help us to lead a tension-free life. In any humorous situation, we laugh and at that time our brain releases Endorphin, a chemical that reduces pain. We feel very relaxed at the secretion of this chemical and everybody likes it.

    After a day of hectic work, just watch any kind of comedies that make you laugh and you can experience the effect it generates in your body. While humour is essential, it is also necessary to possess a sense of humour. When somebody is cracking a joke, it's a real joke not any kind of bullying, then the other person must enjoy the situation without being bored. There are some very serious-minded persons who never like jokes and never laugh while listening to jokes. I think they are always anxious. People generally do not feel comfortable to deal with those persons who are serious all the time and have a frown. Therfore, keep smiling and let others smile by adding more humour to your life.


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