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    Should the number of women employees in armed forces and police be increased

    Now a days women are competing with men in every field and discharging their duties as effectively as their counterparts.

    Still, the percentage of women in police or army is quite small. There is no program at Govt level to encourage or motivate them to join these important segments of services in our country. Will it be better if more opportunities are given to them to join the forces or it will be taken as a reason for decreasing employment for the men who had traditionally occupied these positions.

    What, in your opinion, is to be done in this matter - to increase the proportion of women in the forces?

    On the other hand, if you feel that it is not required to do so then can you give your views on this?
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    There are two important things in the Armed forces. One is the Gun and the other is the Pen. The Gun should be with the men, and the Pen should be with the women. I mean, the women should be employed for all clerical jobs and the men can be employed to fight. Women can work from the office, and men can work in the field. In the police force, women police should handle the cases relating to women, and men should handle the cases relating to men. Women for mental work and men for physical work. This would certainly require an increase in the strength of women in the Armed forces and Police force

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    It is true that women are competing with men in every field and there are cases when they outshine their male counterparts. The problem with women in combat forces is the physical endurance in emergency situations. Basically, the difference between a man and a woman is biological only, other than that they all are equal to take up any jobs.

    In armed forces, though women are there in different roles, traditionally the combat operations are dominated by males because of their physical abilities. Though with sufficient training this can improve, it's difficult to say how many women will be able to complete the grueling training process.

    Recently, the Army Chief said that they have a proposal to recruit more women in armed forces in non-combat roles. They are thinking of recruiting women in the accounts section, cybersecurity-related domains and as interpreters. There is no question of thinking that giving more opportunities to women will decrease the chances for men but when it comes to certain jobs that require a lot of physical abilities, like in the combat roles in the army, then men are always given preference.

    On the other hand, in the police forces, women are quite less in numbers and more women must be inducted to handle the cases related to women. It's always essential. We find reports from different places that only male police went to arrest a woman accused of serious crime. By recruiting more women, this situation can be avoided and in all kind of public gatherings, women and men police should be equally deployed to manage the crowd. When the crime against women is on the rise, more women should be there in the police force to handle those cases seriously.


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    Yes. These days we are seeing in almost all fields equal participation of ladies and gents. There are no areas where a female can't compete with a male. In fact in many fields ladies are overtaking gents. So we can see more ladies in armed forces and police forces. Earlier days their participation in these fields is almost zero. But now we are seeing some girls in these professions also. There will be 30% reservations in these fields also for them I think.In a family at least any one of the wife and husband is earning it wil be OK. So there will not be any problem for gents if more ladies are joining in these fields also. We can encourage females taking more active part in all the areas of the world.
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    Yes, the government need to increase the proportion of ladies in defence services. Like many of the stories, I have read where the girl clears the exam and the medical test but could get in because of the low vacancies. The government should think of increasing seats for supportive functions for girls in defence services at least.

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    A progressive thought by the author. Yes, there is no denying that women should get enough opportunities to join the forces as well.

    On the hinge side there are some practical difficulties in this proposition as culturaly we are not still prepared for this. It may be our mind set that due to their lesser physical strengths, they may not be able to exert so much in the difficult situations.

    That is the reason that even in the sports we have different categories. For example Mens 400 m and women's 400 m race. Their benchmarks are different.

    There are many professions where occupational hazards are more and traditionally women got discouraged or were discouraged to opt for such jobs.

    Things are now changing. We are seeing the women flying planes, driving buses, working as conductor, driving auto or taxi etc.

    In some countries, though a few, women are there in forces and police in good quantities.

    Sooner or later they are going to be present everywhere in every job.

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