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    Does everything which our parents teach, help us in our life?

    Everything I know I learned from my parents. This could be what many of us will say during several times or moments. However, there are also some of us who do not appreciate what their parents taught them.

    There are also parents who appear to do things which are destructive to their children. But whatever the case may be, parents are always a source of learning for us They teach their children in ways which are direct or indirect. The issue is whether parents are always right. The question is whether everything they teach their children helps them in life.

    I learned a lot from my father and still learn from him. What about you? Did you learn from your parents?
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    Parents are the first teachers of their children. We learn how to talk and we learn how to walk from our parents. If a father takes alcohol in presence of a child at a later stage the child also will start taking liquor. So many of the habits will be imbibed by children from their parents. So a parent should behave in a good way, so that his/her child will als get the same habit.
    As far as I am concerned whatever good habits, ethics and values I am possessing came from my parents also. Still I am not able to get all the good habits from him.He is a good poet. I am now learning a little in that area in peom writing in Telugu.
    Generally no parent will wish that they children should get spoiled in their life. But if at alll some parents may do unwanted things, the children should not feel bad. They should never feel bad about the parents and should always take care of them.

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    Surely, parents would shape us as to be good or bad in life as they are our first connection in the world. I did learn ideal things and way of being and living from my parents which I have very much applied to my life and could witness my prosperity through which. And I did get away with few of the practices or principles which my parents believed which I felt not contemporary and inapplicable to current world phenomenon.

    I learnt to face problems with courage, understood knowledge is the only ticket to reach the highness, need to respect culture and the people etc. At the same time, my father was a smoker which I never replicate and he lived poor life and did work in lesser portfolio than what he was capable of. Again I threw that out. My mother was has high self-respect and sacrificing nature that – she never used to pitch for what is right and what she deserved, which I am dead opposite to.

    In a nutshell, we learn from our parents and apply everything in life unless any factor behaves adversely to what we had been taught as ideal; and ultimately we come out of that persona for the better us.

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    It is very true that we learn a lot of things from our parents and in fact try to mimic them in many ways.

    It is basically in our tender age and growing time that we are more affected by their ideologies and behaviour pattern. Later when we have friends and we start entering the adulthood we get ideas and things from other sources also and sometimes there may be a clash between what we learn at home and what we learn outside. This creates a situate of confusion and in many children sometimes it can be a source of stress also.

    Sometimes we take our parents advice as granted but information from other sources and our own knowledge indicates to something else. This leads to a difference of opinion and the parents may also sometimes make it an ego issue only to force the children for their option.

    These things happen in life and sometimes one has to be bold enough to take his own decisions and if the outcome is positive, parents also happily accept it later ending the differences with the children.

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    We learn things from our parents during childhood. As they are our first teachers, they play a great role to shape up our mind. During every stage of a man's life, experience teaches a lot. But a few basic things are essential which we learn from our parents only. The behaviour is one of the most important aspects and the way parents behave with others impacts the child. If there is any family discord the child is always affected badly and parents should lead an exemplary life that can be imbibed by the children.

    Children always imitate what their parents are doing and therefore parents must be cautious about certain behaviours that can have a social impact. If a child sees the father smoking every day, he will become inquisitive to taste it despite being told it is not good for health. The parents should always tell their children what kind of behaviours are socially acceptable and which are not.

    A child learns those things quickly which he sees and if some kind of unusual behaviour is noticed, the parents must look for remedial actions. Actually, parents always teach the child what is acceptable to others. But the child picks up quickly what he sees regularly. Therefore, the teachings of our parents are always useful. Rather, the bad habits or nature which is not taught to the child can be easily picked up if parents are not careful enough during the upbringings.


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