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    Why don't we go full blast on demolishing the plastic menace?

    From the 1st of January 2019, if one uses plastic, in any form, he or she would be liable to be arrested and fined. The Tamil Nadu Government is quite serious about implementing the ban.

    However, we need to look at alternatives. In the Kanyakumari district, for instance, in the same State of Tamil Nadu, the then Collector implemented a total ban on plastics and encouraged the mass production of paper and cloth bags. Out went the instructions to the hotels that unless the customers brought their own aluminum or ever silver vessels, the parcels should not be given.

    Such practices need to be implemented on a state-wide basis. Similarly, we need to look at innovative solutions and alternatives. For example, the lightweight superb cloth bags are given in all shops in the city of Bangalore for Rs 8/10/15. They are reusable and people should be encouraged to buy and use them.
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    As being worked in retail industry myself, I could able to witness the transition challenges of converting from plastic to no-plastic. The people including me are very much addicted to plastic that, there was never a single day we did spend without being connected to the same. Nonetheless, as change is the natural phenomenon and if the change is for the better tomorrow, we need to welcome the same.

    Plastic is essentially a poison to nature as it is not bio-degradable. But at the same time, the prevailing Government to understand the side effects of banning the paper bag and be ready with full of alternatives to effectively handle the transition without making the people feel inconvenient.

    In case of grocery and apparels, already paper bag, jute bag and cloth bag have come in picture. For the hotels to pack the prepared or processed food, silver pouch or laminated pouch would be of more help. But one thing to notice is that, the easiness and comfort what plastic used to serve cannot be matched with the current one and the cost involved in going for the alternate is also not cheaper, again the extra spent would be forced upon the general public!

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    It is good to note that usage of plastic is banned and Tamilnadu Government is thinking of taking this issue more seriously is welcome. All states in India should implement this. At the same time what are the alternatives is to the discussed in detail. Paper bags and cloth bags also are not advisable as they require a lot of wood for their manufacture. Indirectly it will encourage deforestation. So those alternative are also not long lost. The best is that the buyers should carry his own devices made of any metal or clay for carrying these items. Otherwise instead of use and through bags. reusable paper or cloth bags which will be useful for multiple times so that waste generated out of this will be less is to be encouraged.. The government should think of alternatives like that so that deforestation will not very high and waste generated will also be less. People should inculcate the habit of carrying their own bags and collect the items in that bag isthe est solution as on date, I feel.
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    Effective steps must be taken by the administration and as a citizen, we need to abide by the rules in place. Plastic is harmful to the environment and now it's known to everybody. People are much used to it and it may take a little time to get habituated for using an alternative to plastic bags. There are many shops, even local vendors who sell green vegetables use bags made of cloth to deliver the items. They take an extra amount for those bags but at least the environment is somehow protected.

    To make paper bags, trees have to be cut, as rightly mentioned by Dr. Rao, so the use of recycled paper and cloth bags is the best alternative to protect the environment. Another option may be to use jute bags. In these days of technological advancement, there must be some ways by which cheaper jute bags can be manufactured and can be used widely.

    Imposing a strict ban without thinking of an effective alternative will not be of much use and after finding a suitable and environment-friendly alternative of plastic bags, the strict ban can be implemented throughout the country.


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    Plastic is a menace created out of the industrial growth in the world and now the whole humanity is suffering by its adverse environmental effects.

    People are so much addicted to its use that they can not think that an alternative exists for this. Plastic or polythene bag is not only convenient for the people in a hurry but also a very handy and carefree item for the people who will never remember to take their own bag for shopping.

    Govt can put ban on this and start fining also but the problem is until unless the source of these plastic bags is closed and those small scale industries in the lanes of slums are closed where these are rampantly manufactured, no progress can be made in this regard.

    Additionally, the citizens should also cooperate in this by not using the polythene bags in their routine shopping and other carrying actions etc.

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    No doubt plastic is a threat to our environment but simultaneously its essential for us. We cannot imagine life without it. Everywhere plastic is used these days. Imagine how online food will be delivered without being packed in the plastic bag. We need to think of the alternative first before banning it. Also, it's for sure unless we take some strict step we won't be able to make our environment free from plastic.

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    Plastic has many conveniences of use. Unless and until some equally or better alternative is found, banning plastic will not be successful.

    What can be done practically is to encourage reuse and recycle, rather than straight disposal after use.
    In our country (and even in our own personal attitude and behaviour) we are poor in waste management and disposal. Reuse and recycle culture should come back to save us from the menace of waste accumulation and pollution by wastes.

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