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    A splash of colour - and lots of de-cluttering!

    Some days ago, the painting of our home was finally done. When it started, although our flat is small, it did seem like it would never end and we just couldn't wait to get our house back! When finally it was done, we were thrilled. We selected different colours for each room and even one wall in a contrasting colour which would be different from the colour on the other three walls. The painting supervisor with a serious frown commented that most people chose one colour only and that would it not look odd to have varied hues in a room and also different in each room? We grinned and assured him that we were sure of our choices, that we were "odd" people, that we did not do what everyone else generally did! He laughed at that and, in the end, admitted that the home did look nice with a splash of colour. The same reaction was emitted by the seniormost painter Jayprakash. With 30 years of experience, seemed to think of us as very strange people and, from his expression, did look as though his sense of colour aesthetics had been affronted, but resigned himself to making the customer happy, as that was his aim, after all. He was a cheerful person and very sincere, did not waste a single minute at any time. Hats off to him!

    The selection of colours was exciting and huge fun. We visited the online visualizer website of Asian Paints and played around with the shades, trying them out on the given room images there as well as on uploaded photos of our rooms (though the former feature was far better). It was wonderful to discover the wide range and the unique names of the shades, such as sunkissed yellow, lotus pond, sugar nut, etc. It was good we visited the site as we were initially given a four-page standard shade card and only after we saw the site and requested for more options that we got a nice big stack of shades to select from. So remember that when you paint your home - ask for the full range and not just the small shade foldable card.

    It was, of course, a long-winding experience of a month and a lot of adjustments needed to be made, moving to one room when the other was done and vice-versa, but by the end of it all, it was well worth it. The biggest plus point was the de-cluttering which took place. We decided to be very firm and remove things which had been kept for various reasons and thinking "we may need this someday". We have also made a neat pile of children's books which we plan to donate to a nearby school. Just letting go of things can be sometimes really tough, but it is better to do so now than leave behind a legacy of clutter for somebody to clear up when that special invite comes from above!

    Have any of you been through a similar experience of redoing your home, the adjustments, the relief when it is over, the happiness at the final outcome, the share your wonderful, maybe funny moments.
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    I was busy these days as our newly constructed home got ready and we were busy shifting from the rented house to it. We have three rooms here in the new house. We were really puzzled when the painter asked us to choose the shades, texture, wallpapers etc. Though he gave us the catalogue still it was tough to select. But finally, my wife decided it. She selected a floral wallpaper in the drawing room and texture (comprising of stars and moon) in the first bedroom and left one bedroom for the painter to paint as per his liking. And for the corridor we asked him to do the stencils where he drew trees and birds which is looking fine.

    We have shifted now to our home but still, everything is messy and we are trying to keep the things arranged properly but it's not east as it will take a week at least arranged.

    I know how much painful it is to renovate home.


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    It is true. Multiple colours gives a better look. In 2006 when we have constructed our house, we have gone for multiple colours only. In each room we have painted different contrasting colours for different walls in a room. That has given a beautiful look. Many people who were in the process of constructing the houses seen our paintings and gone for the same. My wife and my two sons selected different colours. After that I joined them and we all decided the pattern. Which colour where is decided by all of us. The painter got it done in the same way we wanted and finally a very good look to the house came. Later on when we have gone for the rooms on the first floors also we have repeated the same process and that has again found to be very beautful.
    The real beauty to a house comes from this paintings and the finish of the walls. One should take very good interest and see that they will be good. Ultimately they bring good look to our houses.

    always confident

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    I have gone through this ordeal 2-3 times so far and every time it was a very long and cumbersome exercise because in our houses the things accumulate with such a speed that within a short time a lot of clutter is stored which is just making the place crowded and we do not get place to keep the important things. One family member says that throw this useless item but the other one says that he has some handicraft in his mind and in the next month holidays he may do that fabrication using that old item.

    So everything remains in the house. Old clothes, plastic items, wooden furniture and books to name a few.

    Generally people get white wash and colour in their houses in 6-8 years time and by that time the house is full of clutter items. We ourselves are not very clear about these items whether we will be ever using them or needing them. Some technical people who work with their own hands can not throw any item because they foresee its utility in repairs etc.

    So this is a common problem in our households and everyone is going through more and less same cycles.

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    A wonderful and much-needed accessory during painting was a mask and amusing incidents associated with it. I was wearing it to ward off the primer, cement and paint smells. What was funny was that it had become so much part of my face that when I stepped out of the house to go somewhere, I would not realize right away that I had not taken it off till I took a few steps ahead. I sent off a selfie too with the title 'female thug of Hindustan' to my friends and one of them hilariously commented that I resembled a 'stree thugee' (combo of character from Stree and Thugs of Hindustan)!!
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    I am surprised at the painting supervisor's and the senior most painter's reactions and their ignorance of an interior design trend that is quite popular. In fact, the trend became increasingly popular in the last few decades and has been quite in vogue.

    Painting a wall in a contrasting shade that complements the rest of the room is not unusual. Accent walls are used to accentuate the main wall, in a room. You are definitely not 'odd'. The painter's 30 years of experience seems incredulous.

    People who work on a contract basis tend to not waste time. Since they are contracted and paid for specific jobs they get the same completed, as early as possible, so they can move on to the next assignment. There is no scope for whiling the time away since it's not really fruitful. It would be different if their services were hired on an hourly or daily basis.

    Asian Paints offers many services wherein they assist customers with helpful suggestions. They also help create specific shades.

    I would love to see the finished product, especially since you've described the process in such minute details.

    Enjoy your rooms.

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