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    Do audio cassettes of film songs have value?

    Having completed painting and de-cluttering, we were wondering if our many years' collection of audio cassettes - instrumental, Bollywood, even a few of Marathi theatre, etc - has any value. Some of them of old film songs may or may not be working. Since quite a few years now, we have stopped listening to them.

    We are unsure if anybody would want to buy the lot or even whether we could donate them to some useful place. Any suggestions on what to do with the large boxful of our collection? We are keeping our audio player since it is also a DVD player and we still watch films. So should we play each and every cassette and check if in working condition? Do you think anyone would buy/accept them if we don't really know which are working and which not?
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    In 1986 I have purchased my first cassette player. Those days we were staying in Hinupur. We were just married. National Panasonic make we have purchased. Myself and my wife used to go to cassette recording shop in Hindupur and we used to select songs we like and got it recorded. We used to purchase 5 to 6 cassettes per month. Later on in 1988 We shifted to Hyderabad and purchased black and white portable TV in 1990. Till such time we continued purchasing cassettes and we were having almost 20 or 25 dozens of these cassettes. We stopped using the Player. So these cassettes have become obsolete and nobody were ready to take those cassettes. Finally we have to through them away with waste without getting anything in return. This is my experience in 1996 or 1997. I don't think these days nobody will take these items. But I do't know Whether there is any other way of using this waste. We have to further explore. As of now my experience and knowledge says that they are of no value.
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    Here's the thing. VHS tapes, CDs and Vinyl discs are things of past. With digital era, we can easily format and alter the music quality easily. Digital samples of music have a much pleasant experience and there are no glitches like in tapes or discs. So only extremely enthusiastic collectors maybe interested in this. But even those collectors have a specific taste in music and won't accept all the tapes and discs you offer. Discs are an awesome way of decorating though. Nowadays bedrooms with four vinyl discs hanging on the main wall is a norm. And CDs too are used as dangling chime like decorations. Tapes too have a good place in DIY interior design. The tapes that dont work can be used as ribbon decorations. Lampshades can be lined with these films to give an antique effect. The cases can be used in many different ways. These cassette tapes can also be used as fake hair for home made toys. There are many other creative ways in which the cassette tapes and cases can be used.
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    Audio cassettes are not available these days, they are obsolete. There are many precautions required to store audio tapes and when they are not in use for a long time their quality degrades. Actually, cassettes are not like Long Playing records and do not carry the heritage tag. It is difficult to save a cassette if there is a problem with the cassette player. It can be easily stretched and the tapes sometimes can be affected by moistures. Nowadays, it is hard to find a cassette player and the old ones cannot be repaired properly because of the unavailability of spares.

    The audio cassettes may remain as a nostalgia and a few of them may be preserved to show the future generation to let them know how was the scenario of listening to music before the advent of the digital storage technologies. If you have a fascination with interior decoration or making useful things from junks, then think for a while possible by keeping a few of the cassettes out of the large box. See, if you can find any idea for decorating your freshly painted home with few of those cassettes.


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    As such they do not have any value and because new better resolution and high fidelity systems have been introduced in the digital music world, those old tapes have no value for the songs still existing there.

    Only thing is if there is one or more rare songs which may be a collectors item then it can be copied on the DVD disc or can be copied to the hard drive in the computer and kept for its rare presence with us.

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    Audio cassettes are of no use these days. It's better to scrap them or use them if you have a tape recorder with you. I remember I had about the collection of 100 cassettes with me in the mid-90s but I threw them once the internet came into the existence. Now, too we dont store any song but listen directly through the apps.

    You too need to throw them or search someone who has the hobby of keeping antique items.


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    Aditya - no, we have no fascination for interior decorating. As I said, we are being firm about de-cluttering and not retaining things we do not use.

    I was wondering if it would be better to send off the lot to an e-waste service than giving it to the local kabaddiwalla if no other options available. I just can't bear the thought of just throwing them away like that, though. They have been lovingly collected over the years and so many beautiful memories are associated with it, of listening to them daily and humming along. Even the inlay cards of the cassettes are in good condition.

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    No this can't be of any use since long time & the same is the case with anyone having fond of them once. The problem is that no one would even accept this free of cost. The only option left is to keep it till the time your tape recorder is working & then scrap it.

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