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    When the 'e' becomes less electronic

    We all use our e-mails regularly. We are habituated to use e-wallets and e-commerce. I am sure everybody knows what this 'e' is. This 'e' is used to mean electronic. Everything which has an electronic version is notified like this. There is a mall in Kolkata known as e-MALL. Well, it's not any electronic version of a mall but a mall where you will find all types of electronics gadgets. The mall is dedicated to electronics and hence this name.

    Today, I was traveling on a bus and was a bit confused at the beginning by seeing a term mentioned just above a window. There it was written e-Gate. I was trying very hard to decipher the exact meaning. I was even looking around to find any electronic circuitry nearby because I thought it meant an electronic gate. We are so used to this term that just by observing it reminds us it must be something related to electronics. After a little while and more minute observation, I realized how wrong my interpretation was. Actually in every bus, there is an emergency gate and generally above the gate it is clearly painted as Emergency Gate. The tech-savvy painter thought it to give it a little twist and hence painted it that way.
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    When a symbol or letter becomes an icon in itself then people start to use it in varied ways and fashions. This is one of the offshoots of that which you have observed in the emergency door of the bus.

    Already people have started using it as e-cafe, e-lounge etc. Recently I visited a fair in which they were distributing e-coupons and told us that in the end online lottery will be there for lucky draw.

    So people somehow want to associate with this letter 'e' which has got so much name and fame in the recent times due to phenomenal growth and development in electronics and computer areas.

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    These days we all accustomed to taking e as an abbreviation of electronics. E for electronics is the understanding these days. Till the author mentioned the emergency word, I was thinking what is the E gate. I couldn't make. I understood only after reading the remaining part of the thread. These days adding e before everything is a fashion. The main reason for this is the increase in the use of the internet for fast communication and the role of electronic goods in this total activity. Without electronics, there is no life these days. It is very difficult to remove electronics from our day to day life and activities.
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