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    Just fifteen days more left in in this year.

    We are about to enter into another year, 2019. There will be some celebrations and oath taking as usual. When we come to the end of it, we may wonder what has happened. Just changing the wall calender, if any, is the only difference. Those in service may calculate the remaining service period.
    Others will not even feel any change in the coming of a new year.
    But if we look back, we will find how each year passed and what changes it made in our life and shape. Now, being a retired person, do not feel any enthusiasm in welcoming a new year. The same time when looking into the age factor, feels that only a few more years are left in this life. Then automatically it asks me the question how am I to spend those years. In fact, starting from the school days till the end of last June, I had no much idle time. It was some what a lengthy period, however, I liked it. Now I still like to get engaged in something.
    When looking back I find a small boy in very remote country place playing with some other similar kids. Now many of those kids are no more. Others are just leading their life in a way. In my case I shifted my place of activity in to a city and got settled there. But Now, I am getting a call in my mind to go back to that remote place, though it is no more a remote place.
    Let us all spend some time to look back and see how we managed those years.
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    It is true. As we complete our education and enter into a career we may have to shift our residence from the place of our birth to the place we are getting our livelihood. Our active life will be spent outside the native place and we may not be able to visit that place many times. But as we grow old and retire from our active life, we think and wish to go back to our native place and spend our remaining time there. If it can be implemented we will be lucky. But for many reasons, we may not be able to do that.
    I also came from my village after high school education and I am in the cities only all through my higher education and job. Of late, I am also thinking of taking a retirement and settle in my village. With this intention only I purchased a good Plot there and I planned for house construction. But my sons are not allowing me to do that. They say how you can go there leaving all of us here. What will happen I have to wait and see in the new year. At the moment the house construction there is not initiated.

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    The year comes and the year goes, we grow older, we move to new places. This is a part of everybody's life. It's important to look back, we can feel how we enjoyed those days, we become nostalgic. It is not always possible to remain in touch with childhood friends, though nowadays there are many options and for that thanks to the different social media platforms.

    The celebration of welcoming anything new is an old tradition followed everywhere in the world. Actually, when we stop for a while to think what we have done all these years we remember a lot about the days we have already spent. Childhood memories are an integral part of life and whenever we try to look back we think of going back to those places and to meet those people with whom we played when we were a child. I left the place where I spent my early childhood. I have contacts with a very few of my friends there and heard that few of them have shifted to some other places. I also feel like to go back there and meet the people who are still there, but the place has completely changed. I also wish to visit the school where I studied during my early childhood, but till now it has not materialized.


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    The new year comes, the previous one departs. New people arrive, old people leave. But the memory remains. That is the essence of life. Life is definitely a stage.
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    It is true that coming of new year is nothing more than a mere change of the date but traditionally it is being seen as a time to review what we have achieved or performed during the year and what are our plans and aspirations for the coming year. It gives us an opportunity to think on those lines and in long run it becomes an unwritten ritual in our life.

    After my retirement I was finding ways to engage myself in constructive and positive activities which in my opinion is the most difficult task in our life. I am happy that to some extent I was successful in my endeavours and hope that in the coming years I will be able to maintain the tempo and composure of my mind for the same.

    Let us all look towards the coming year for more opportunities and more engagements in our life so that the vacant mind does not wander in evil and ulterior territories.

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    For me, the new year is just another year added in my life. I have the habit of analysing how was the year for me and where things went wrong and what can I do to correct them in this year. It's very important for everyone as that's how we can make improvements in our life.

    When I was a student I used to make a resolution and used to make a plan on how to get good marks but not these days when I am doing a job. But I would say we should make resolutions and should eliminate at least one bad habit we have.


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