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    Why has this simple, natural activity become so unnatural in India?

    He could not establish a majority in the Assembly election. But his individual popularity remains intact. Even after 15 years of rule, his party missed the majority mark by a whisker. His party has lost around 20 seats (out of a total of 240) by a margin of fewer than 500 votes.

    No other party has crossed the majority mark either. Even then, he has not put his claim for chief ministership. Instead, he has tendered his resignation silently. And within 36 hours of tendering his resignation, this respected and popular political leader has vacated his chief ministerial bungalow. Not a single electric light has been taken. Every fixture is intact. Not even a single rose in the garden has been plucked. He left without creating any drama.

    The simple act of 'Mama-ji' is quite natural. There is nothing spectacular about it. But, in present-day India, such simple, a natural thing has become so unnatural that people don't stop talking about it.

    Shivraj Singh Chouhan (Mama-ji) is more respected when he vacates the Chief Minister's residence without any delay. We can hope that people of his state would again understand his contribution and bring him back at the helm of Madhya Pradesh very early.
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    Shivaraj Singh Chouhan is a very popular and respected politician. He was the Chief Minister of the state for 15 years. Now his party lost in the elections and he has submitted his resignation. Once he ceases to be the CM of the State he will not use any of the facilities given to the CM. In a gentle way, he has given away everything and done what is to be done by a leader. He stood as an example for others.
    These days some MPs. MLAs and Ministers are not vacating their official quarters even after they lose their positions. Sometimes the concerned authorities have to force them to vacate. We see very rarely leaders like Chouhan.
    Two times he got reelected as CM. This itself is a good testimony for his good work. This time as mentioned by the author the margins are very low and the difference between the ruling and opposition party is very very thin.

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    He may be popular among the people of the constituency. He also has served the state fo the 15 years as CM. People fo the MP are not happy with the government as they failed to touch the ground level problem of the people. If they succeed then they should be defeated like this. The character your are mentioning is really adorable. By his mention, I remembered other former CM of Tripura. He also gets defeat and fails to get another term as CM. He was one step ahead of all the characters of the Shivraj Singh. It happens. Anything can happen in the democracy. The power of democracy. The fact of margin you mention is itself is the power of voting. So I request all to cast their vote whenever you get a chance. Your vote has the power to change the result. So happen with the former CM of MP.
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    Bihar,MP,Rajastan, and UP constitute the BIMARU (Sick) states in India. The performance of these states are dragging the overall GDP down.
    Now, MP and Rajasthan are out of this BIMARU status. So, we can congratulate them.

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    Just now I have seen a photo in which the ex-CM of MP leaving the official accommodation on a scoty with his wife. The total luggage of him was shifted to his apartment in a small truck. After 15 years of service as CM, he is leaving this accommodation in such a simple way. All my appreciations to him. We require such leaders who lead their life as role models and stand as an example for the remaining politicians. Of course, our people and politicians may not like and accept such people as examples. I suspect.
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    The reason is most of the political leaders in this country are complex in nature and hungry for power. When a political party has lost the people's mandate, however small margin it may be, the CM should tender the resignation and vacate the official premises. This is a natural process, but politicians are so crazy to stay in power that they will try every means even after losing the popular mandate.

    The final tally of the MP assembly election result shows the INC got 114 seats and the BJP got 109 seats. Since the INC has got 5 more seats than the BJP and the BJP didn't have any pre-poll alliance, therefore BJP will not be called to form the government. This is the rule.

    Now, most of the present day politicians think of cobbling up independent candidates or a dissident faction of the opposition camp if their party cannot single-handedly win the elections. They think joining politics means they can enjoy a 'free lunch' throughout their life and hence the attitude of latching on to things which they are not entitled to after losing the chair.


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    It shows his simplicity and his display of sincerity in action. We find such people very rare in public life. As a CM also he was very simple and one of the silent performers. Even today, he has shown his sportiness and maturity in accepting defeat and attended the swearing-in ceremony of Mr. Kamalnath as the new CM of MP, in spite of the fact that it was going to be a display of the Mahaghatbandhan of all opposition parties. It is a good trend or rather reviving an old tradition of true democracy.

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    There are very few leaders who are simple, honest and law abiding and putting an examples to others by their sheer deeds. I think he belongs to that rare category.

    The author has rightly pointed out that we are not showing any surprise or rather not amazed by his unusual behaviour. It is good that this interesting thread is in place where we can contribute our feelings for such rare phenomenons happening in the political arena in our country.

    Knowledge is power.

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