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    Because we are always making comparisions.

    Are you aware of about why you are so gloomy & miserable in your life? If not than perhaps you might not be aware about of the fact that you are are consuming much of your time in doing comparisons all the times. These comparisons are in some aspects with your supervisors or with your subordinates or even with those you are unknown to that you began to find the gaps or shortages of something which may feel you are deprived of which could be again in terms of anything. The human tendencies for comparing the things are so much that even if the 99% that we are ahead with the others but that 1% would make you feel uncomfortable & than we are in a different world.

    Well that's what being the human being is all about. So do you carry with the same phenomenon?
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    One way this comparison is good in the lives. As long as we don't feel greedy and try to spoil others, comparing with the people who are ahead of us and trying to reach that position is very good. There are two ways. By comparing ourselves with the people who are well below us we can be happy and satisfied. Generally, we do it during our studies. We feel happy always by seeing the students who scored less than us. To satisfy our parents we will give these examples only. But when the question of accumulating wealth we never feel happy by seeing people who are less rich than us. We always compare ourselves with the people who had more wealth than us and we start worrying about that. Aspiring for a better position and working hard to attain that position is a positive trait. But get jealous of people who are better than us and spoiling our health thinking about those people is never advisable.
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    Well we got two sides of a same coin & how we take it is our perceptions of acknowledging & implementing it in a negative or on a positive note. True in every aspects.

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    Almost all compare the one to other and I think this is the topmost reason to be unhappy in our life, also this comparison makes others life unhappy. We started with our birth to death!! Yes, It ends with our death. If we pay attention to the behavior of the people we find it in every spear of life. It is in all topics. We have never spared God. We make a comparison at 100%. This comparison most of the times hurts the feeling of the lower which is compared to higher. We never pay attention to the part he is best in. Stop comparison and accept the reality and uniqueness of the individuals.
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    The thing is comparison is there in every aspect of life. Think of all the senses we have. It is nothing but comparing and memorizing. For example, suppose you have closed your eyes for some time for a particular reason. If a few of your friends go there and start talking among themselves you will easily understand who they are. This is because you have listened to everybody and memorized their voices. It is applicable to all of our perceptions and comparison helps us to differentiate things.

    A comparison is a way to improve yourself. But if this comparison is to serve your greed then it is always harmful. Generally, there is a common tendency to compare how much wealth one has accumulated with another person. There is a tendency to compare how successful we are in terms of others success stories. If you stick to your goal and try hard to achieve it, you will never have time to indulge in unnecessary comparison.

    A comparison will help you to improve your performance with the help of certain parameters. For example, to achieve the Diamond or Platinum level in ISC, you have to score the required points. You can compare by thinking that these are the persons who have achieved it and I will also reach there if I contribute in a certain way. But if you think of reaching the milestone anyhow by even posting without following the posting guidelines then there are high chances of getting negative markings and other punitive actions. So, compare to improve yourself not to satisfy your greed.


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    I don't compare myself with anyone as I know everyone has his own skills and potential so it's wrong to compare with anyone.

    Normally people forget that there are few things which you are good at and someone is good at so there is no need to do the comparison.

    Comparisons always make you unhappy and give you pain as won't be able to match up with the person and will get frustrated due to it. It's impossible to change yourself physically then why should you compare with others.

    People should understand it and stop doing it if they want to make their life happy.


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