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    What you used to do a day before exam apart from studies?

    Exams season is the most awaited season in the life of a student. In case of school life and college life for most of them it is one night fight, but some dedicated student keep their studies continue throughout the year with consistency. I am among the "one night fighters" leaving few exam which are very tough.
    But apart from the study I sometime end up watchcing movies in the gap given between exam. And then wonder whether I am the only one who is so careless or their are some more people too.
    I know most of the senior members of ISC might give lecture over this issue to study hard but for them there were not much option other than studies.
    But this question is mostly for today's generation with whatsapp and youtube going round apart from exam.
    How were your days before exams gap as well a day before?
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    I used to complete my subject before the start of examinations. So oneday before the examination I used to spend the day just brushing the subject. I used to go to bed early so that I will have good sleep and the next day I can have a cool mind. Those day as mentioned by the author we don't have smart phones or TVs in the houses. So we don't have anything to do except reading newspapers. Sometimes I used to switch on the radio and hear some music. If there is a gap of 2 or 3 days between one exam to other exam I used to spend time leisurely and I used to go even for a movie.
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    I was always a confident person regarding exams in school days. I used to study well and always used to make thorough what was taught in the class, the same day by reading and reviewing at home. Hence examination was never a nightmare to me in my school days. So I never bothered much the previous day of examination, because by that time I would have done sufficient reviews and repeat study. If a particular chapter or topic did not enthuse me or if I could not be thorough in one, I used to simply ignore and avoid that and never took tension about that. Even if guest arrived, I was enjoying with them.

    Once, I had gone for a movie the day before exams, because that was a movie in which one of my friends had shown his face and the movie would change the next day,

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    I always would sit for studies and prepare for exam only at last moment. So my previous day of the exam would always be with books. I would enjoy the whole year and it would only go in travelling and other activities. Only at the last moment I would get seriousness which is when I would sit till late night and also wake up way without bothering for my sleep. Only when I would feel tired I would watch tv for 15-20 minutes max or I would take a short nap as that would keep me fresh till late night.

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    I was a good student and used to study hard throughout the year and used to revise the subject one day prior to the exams.

    In our days we didn't have WhatsApp or YouTube.we had only television to pass time. I remember when we had XIth exams in between the cricket world cup and we used to watch matches during exam time.

    Yes, it happens no one can continuously study for long hours even he or she studies just before one night of the exams.

    I remember I used to listen to the songs while doing mathematics and most of the times used to see the solutions only and never used to practice the sums on paper. You may find it funny but I used to do it.


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    I preferred to score runs in the slog overs, so studied a lot before the exams. Though it was not like studying throughout the night, but the day before the exam was kept for writing and lots of studies. Studying a new chapter or understanding a new topic just before the exams are difficult, but I did it a few times.

    In between studies, I used to listen to music and read newspapers. Actually, since studying was not on the list of my favourites I had to prepare things before my exams. It was very relaxing before science exams but it was really tough to manage History or Geography. During my school days, I didn't find those two subjects very comfortable and had to study even more just before those exams.


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    Haha you are cool. It depends. Priorities. You might think that the students of this age would be wasting away somewhere before exams but majority are not like that. The students of this age are all hardworking because competition is way too high. These students are no less than hermits as they deactivate their accounts in social media to study, which is a great sacrifice indeed. I am a little carefree. I study far too less. Most of my exams go on improvisation. Just like how you used to watch movies, I would watch some show too. I would talk to my best friend for hours then. At the end of the day I would draw a mind map of each subject and study that instead.
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    My experience pertains to 50 years back when there were no distractions like social media, addictive games and other indulgences like that. It was basically either study or play outside in the open fields.

    Even reading story books was seen as a distraction at that time! We were reading them by hiding inside the text books to avoid the wrath of our parents.

    I never studied late in the night because we used to study so much in the day time that it was sufficient to give us confidence for our good performance. Being a student from a lower middle class family our mind was always preoccupied with the notion that if we performed well in our exams we would get a good job. In those times, there were few competitive exams and a student having good percentage in his graduation or post graduation stood a bright chance of direct appointment in many organisations.

    During exam times our outdoor playing was restricted as we were busy in briefly revising our full year syllabus in that fruitful one or few days before a particular paper. It was thought to be the most important major activity as it was instrumental in getting us a better score.

    At the most, we only had a little walk in the market in the evening time to make ourselves fresh with the routine market shops illuminating with light and the crowd of the people wandering from here to there with some of whom we had a quick hello and then we were back to our studies. That itself was considered as a big break during our studies and provided us so much relief and entertainment which today's students are not able to derive even after having so many facilities.

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    My answer would be a little bit different from the previous ones.

    I was extremely strong and confident in some subjects. I used to read these subjects throughout the year without being forced by my parents because of my own interest. I used to study books of higher levels in respect of these subjects (Bengali, English, History, etc.). I had to study Mathematics and Physical Sciences (Physics & Chemistry) throughout the year due to pressure from school-teachers. But there were some subjects like Geography and Biology (which I didn't like), which I used to study at the last moment.

    So, my preparation during the eleventh hour would vary depending upon the subjects. I used to refresh myself by reading story-books and listening to the radio (cricket/football commentary or popular songs) before those examinations in which I was confident. But I used to study a lot (during the eleventh hour) before those subject-examinations in which I was not confident.

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