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    Am I the only one who couldn't see the Geminid shower

    This month on 13th midnight to 14th dawn we the residents of Earth were given a beautiful opportunity to witness a meteor shower. It would have been a really beautiful scene with atleast 150 "shooting stars" per minute. The designated time to watch was 12 AM to 2 AM. But the rains in Hyderabad, maybe because of the cyclonic winds in Bay, stopped me from witnessing this beauty. I was so disappointed. But I was further disappointed to note that not many in ISC mentioned about the showers or posted their experience. Was no one able to witness it?
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    Few people have the hobby of amateur Astronomy. That is one reason that it did not reflect here. Anyway, it is good that you brought out this issue here so that I am also able to contribute.

    I had this hobby earlier and being a Physics student I could pursue it also though now it is discontinued for quite some time.

    Just for the knowledge sake, I want to mention that universe is very big, beyond our imagination.

    In our mythological scriptures it is well mentioned that God is infinite and there are things about him which are also infinite, same holds true for the universe.

    There are innumerable number of galaxies where a lot of activities are going on like explosions of huge stars and new stars are being formed while some older ones are turning into red giants or simply vaporising in the space. Even black holes might be forming in the process.

    All these strange and mysterious activities going on in the universe give rise to spectacular phenomenons as mentioned by the author in this thread. A lot of electromagnetic energy is radiated in space during these processes and some of that is in the visible spectrum and we can observe that from the Earth.

    Now, Earth is rotating around the Sun and the solar system is also moving in its own trajectory and our galaxy the Milky Way is also moving in its path along with the solar system.

    Due to all these movements in the three dimensional space there are certain times only when such showers are seen generating from different different sources in the various galaxies. Scientists with their astronomical calculations predict these events in the space.

    For hobbyist in Astronomy these are very interesting events. They give us insights into the massive and mysterious universe engulfing us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I am also staying in Hyderabad. 13th midnight I tried but because of heavy rain on that night, nothing is visible. On 14th I was on a train in AC coach. So I couldn't watch. The whole length of my travel was witnessing rain that night. That is why I could not make a thread on that. But the people from the other places who witnessed the same can share their experiences here so that we all will know and enjoy the same.
    The astronomy subject is very interesting and requires a lot of physics knowledge to understand the theories behind these happenings. It is good that Umesh made us educated to some extent in this respect. I thank Umesh for the same. But all these events are feasts to our eyes and we will have good relaxation to our mind by witnessing such events. This type of events may be very rare and one should not miss these events.

    always confident

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    I was enthusiastic even a few years ago about these celestial activities. Usually, I like to watch Eclipse, Meteor shower and the likes. Even looking at the stars in a clear sky fascinates me. But nowadays I feel less interested in these activities. When I read the news of the Geminid Meteor shower, I thought of observing this. But later on somehow forgot it.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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