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    Are we becoming crazy because of obtaining everything that we feel essential?

    A child, during infancy, wants many things. He makes unreasonable demands and there are parents who indulge in those demands and give the child everything he wants. This is actually disastrous as the child never understands what it means to miss something. The child will fail to realize the value of things that he already has and giving in to all the demands can make him even crazier. This may have some connection to develop the tolerance in a human. I am not going into it now.

    Consider another situation. There is a concern everywhere about the growing intolerance and there were threads posted in ISC too regarding this. Think of the situation when there was no mobile phone, even possessing the landline connection was considered a prized one some time ago. The only way of effective communication was a handwritten letter and for anything emergency, the telegram. Well, it's hard to imagine how things were managed in those days. In those days knowing the health condition of the parents living in a distant place was time-consuming. People had to wait for a few days to know whether the treatment is improving the condition and even what the doctor told when they lived at a distant place from their family. They had to bear with this delay and tolerated it. They never complained.

    Because of all those difficulties earlier, we are using so many gadgets now. It has enhanced the way of doing things. But now, if people had to wait for a while they become angry and even threaten others of serious consequences. Nowadays when everything is at our hands, we cannot wait for a moment and become crazy. Don't you think by getting all that we want made us intolerant in some way? Are we not behaving like a child without understanding the real value?
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    True. These days people want everything and anything at their doorsteps within no time. Really it is crazy only. People don't have a minute also to wait. No sooner we leave our house we will be posting our moments in the WhatsApp family group so that all of them will know. If some is not updating the information, there will be an enquiry from another person. This is how the information is shared among the people. It is actually not required. But it has become a practice. Earlier days while travelling by bus or train we will be watching outside and enjoying. But these days no outside watching only with a smartphone in hand spending the time travelling.
    Too much is always not advisable. The parents should not pamper their kids too much by giving everything and anything they wanted. They should teach them the value of money and time. Otherwise, they may suffer in their future life. The kids should be able to understand the difference between essential and non-essential items.

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    I am not in agreement with the author in context to few of the things. For example, it's not the case that because of all those difficulties earlier, we are using so many gadgets now but we are using the said gadgets being the reason that those are available now a days with within the range of our purchasing capacity & that we need those or there is some sort of interest in connection with the gadgets.

    Again, "But now, if people had to wait for a while they become angry and even threaten others of serious consequences.", I don't think this is a normal behavior but we are taking the situations of the extreme cases which is not evident & not even occasionally but could possibly be the rarest of the rare cases but then generalizing the whole perception is not good because then this gives the different picture of the social scenario.

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    Yes in the past it was difficult for us to communicate, unlike today when we have phones and internet. All the gadgets which are developed are meant for saving our time and labour and if after having these gadgets we have to wait then obviously one will feel mad. It was the destiny of our elders that they didn't have these gadgets so they had the habit of living with what they had. Technology develops very fast and who knows next generation may have better technology what we have and then they will give our example how we lived without the gadgets they are using.

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    We humans are basically an impatient species. Always unsatisfied with what we have and always yearning for more.

    We want that everything should be in order and timely. We can not wait for things to happen in their own course of time. At the same time when we are at the other side that is providing services or delivering things or completing some task we miserably fail and are not able to do anything in a proper way in the scheduled time.

    So this duality in our nature is creating unnecessary expectations beyond what we deserve. In theory we say that things should be like this or like that but in practice we ourselves are the laggards everywhere.

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