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    If there is no election campaign, how it is going to affect the results?

    The assembly elections in the 5 states have been concluded. Next year there will be general elections and every political party will try their best to convince people to vote for them. Throughout the year all the political parties organize meetings at different places all over the country and in many of those meetings large gathering of the common man is observed. After the announcement of the dates of the election, these meetings intensify and election campaigns are held almost at every corner of the country. There are allegations of distribution of money by a few political parties to garner more votes. There are widespread violations of the election code of conduct too.

    In most of the campaigns by the political parties, we find a good gathering. Every political party has a separate division that looks after the management of the election procedure and they spend a huge amount during campaigns. We will find many people disgusted by the actions of the politicians, still, there are huge public gatherings in political meetings. In today's world, everybody is aware of the happenings around us and people are much fond of the political news. They can easily decide whom to vote for by keeping a watch around them. All the political parties publish their election manifestos before every election and people can easily find their developmental agendas to decide about the candidates/parties. Now, suppose if the election campaigns are not organized how it is going to affect the results? Do you think election campaigns are really required?
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    In absence of the election campaign, people will go by the information in the newspapers, radio programs and other mediums like TV, social media etc. That itself will tell us what is happening where.

    So from that point of view, these campaigns are of redundant in nature but are in practice as these people have nothing else to do until unless they come in power.

    Unfortunately, these campaigns are not carried out in the honest and professional ways and the parties will simply waste time in bringing the supposedly bad deeds of other party to simply malign them and to impress the gullible people and take mileage out of that. They are not talking about the main issue of development and wasting their time in criticising and back biting. Some of them are using abusive and unparliamentary language and it the irony of our democratic system that they will be sitting in the parliament if they win the elections.

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    Under the existing conditions if there are no election campaigns, the major impact will be in the percentage of polling. It might show a decreasing tendency in majority of constituencies. As you know many of the people are coming to the polling booth because of the pressure from the respective political parties, through the agents. This will be the case with the working category who earn based on their work on every day.
    Majority are not politically motivated. They vote based on personal or such other relationships. Actually the campaign is playing a major role in bringing the voters to the booth.


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    Although & by the time the voters are about to caste his votes, he is already preoccupied with the mindset about for whom to go for but if suppose that there wouldn't be any election campaigning than what? We can assume of one situation wherein there might be the missing of the branding of the candidates or the representatives of any of the political parties. Often the political parties with the huge financial back-up goes on with the expensive campaigning through huge public meetings & road shows with big posters all around in order to show their strength in the region. In the case that these election campaigning ends-up than there would be slowdown on these acts which would be good for the society that regular movements wouldn't go slow or gets effected.

    In another ways, several malpractices would also get stopped like that of illegal trafficking of the liquors or hoarding of money in order to divert the voters in their favors.

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    As always, my view is totally different.

    As long as election is there, election campaigning will also be there. But, there are different types of campaigning. Most probably, the author is talking about the present form of campaigning seen in India. The pattern of campaigning has been changing in India, albeit slowly. I feel that with the passage of time, people will be more educated and will have less time to attend public rallies. More stress will be given on radio/television debates and campaigning on social media sites.

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    These political parties campaigns and meetings are feeding many people and generating employment for some time. If a person is asked to attend a meeting many may not attend. So the leaders are giving transportation, food, drink and money for other expenses. Then only people are attending. For the meetings, people are being transported by buses, lorries and autos. So these people are also getting benefitted. This way at least the elections and leaders are helping some people. Anyhow after getting elected, there is no chance to see these leaders. If there are no meetings and campaigns, this benefit will also not be there for the public.
    So people will not have much interest and many may not even go for voting. If you really observe the meetings during election campaigns you will find the same people in almost all the meetings in that area. But flags will change based on the party which is conducting that meeting.
    Many of the employed people will never go to these meetings and they may go and vote as per their understanding, For them it makes no difference. But people from villages will attend the meetings more.

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