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    How to encourage people to recycle more.

    Recycling is very important these days as it helps to minimise the waste which if thrown can have a negative impact on our environment. Recycling reduces the need for raw material which helps in conserving the natural resources.

    But due to the lack of awareness people don't know how to and which things are to be recycled. For them below are the things which they may find useful in this context:

    # Most important is to recycle plastic bags. As plastic is like poison for our environment, the use of the same is to be minimised and it should be recycled.

    # Try to use your electronic devices until it can be repaired and can be used. We should not scrap them if they can be repaired and can be used. If you want to buy a new one then should sell it.

    # Buy old furniture if possible as it reduces cutting of the trees. I know it's difficult to do that but still, we should try our best.

    # Use rainwater. We waste lots of water through rain which can be conserved and can be used for our daily routine.

    # Use cloth diapers. As the diapers are not easily disposable whereas cloth diapers can be washed and can be used again.

    # Use rechargeable batteries if you can.

    People normally don't recycle things but awareness and incentives are the things which can be used to encourage people to recycle things. Few initiatives taken by the people may easily help our environment to keep healthy.

    How do you recycle things? I always try to reuse plastic bags, what about you?

    What are the things in your opinion which can motivate people to recycle things?.
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    A very thought provoking thread by the author. Recycling is the need of the hour and to decrease the harm to the environment it is to be adopted on a large scale individually as well as socially.

    I remember that in earlier times we were recycling things by default. We used the old newspaper for lining in the racks and cupboards, we used them to make covers for our school books as well as other books in the house, we even made carry bags/ envelopes from them so in nutshell, this particular item alone was used for various purposes and even when it lost its utility in these things and required to be changed with a new one, we used the old and soiled one for igniting fire in our old fashioned wooden or saw dust stoves.

    Similarly there were other items in the household which were recycled in the best ways guided by our common senses.

    Today is the age of consumerism. The business environment is changed. The aggressive advertisements are teaching us the mantra of use and throw. There is no place for reuse and recycling. The new generation has not the faintest idea of how to recycle and reuse the items in our household. Using and throwing and the new culture of using disposable items in a function or party has increased the daily wastage and garbage to the alarming degrees and even the best equipped municipalities are finding it a difficult as well as a herculean task to cope up with it.

    Recycling is not a choice today, it is a necessity. Shopping endlessly and creating clutter in our house is a big blunder of the present times and the cost of that will have to be repaid by the coming generations in terms of deteriorating environment leading to various health hazards.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Recycling is one of the important ways to protect the environment and reduce air and water pollution. If the waste which can be recycled is recycled 100% there will be a reduction in the waste generated which is to be destroyed. Actually, it was estimated that 50% of waste generation will come down if the recycling is done sincerely.
    As mentioned by the author the awareness among the people is less in this respect. So educated people should try to publicise this aspect and see that the waste which can be recycled will be collected separately. Already in Hyderabad, the dry waste and wet waste are collected separately. Most of the material which can be recycled will go with dry waste.
    I think the government should try to educate the people by distributing the list of items which can be recycled and the ways and means of recycling there will be a good improvement.

    always confident

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    Let us talk about India only. How many people, even educated ones, know how to recycle different waste products. Very few know. First, we have to make people conscious of the necessity of recycling. Thereafter, we have to teach them different procedures of recycling of different products.

    Only then, we can ask the present question.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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