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    Election commission of Telangana has done many mistakes.

    After the elections are completed and results are declared we are getting various information which is really showing the inefficient working of Election Commission.
    All the points raised are true and many of the newspapers and electronic media has confirmed these mistakes.
    1. In a house which is under lock and key for the last four years, 250 voters were registered. When the journalist went there, the house is locked and the neighbours confirmed that the house is under lock and key for the last 4 years? How 250 voters were accepted with a single address? In one constituency there are 40000 votes like that.
    2. Many voters confirmed that the names of the people who are no more also there and their votes were also cast. Many of the names of the living people are missing.
    3. This is a very serious lapse. The total votes polled are counted. Then the votes to individual candidates including postal votes, NOTA votes and invalid votes if any are counted and this total should tally with the total votes polled. But in many cases, this is not happening. The difference is more than the majority of the winning candidate in some of these constituencies.
    4. A person is caught with 400 voter cards with him and trying to gather people to cast the votes.
    Now many candidates who lost the elections are running towards EC for raising their complaints.
    Where is the problem? I like to know the views of the members here.
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    I came to know during the Assembly election (from the newspapers and television channels) that there are many omissions and inaccuracies in the voter list in Telengana. But we can't fully blame the Election Commission for this. In actuality, voter list updation and revision are done by the State Government employees on behalf of the Election Commission. Now, whether the mistakes were intentional or unintentional are required to be checked.
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    It's very surprising that the revision of the electoral rolls in Telangana was done in such a poor way. On the day of polling itself, it was reported that many valid voters were unable to cast their votes because they couldn't find their names on the list. If everything was fine during the last time when elections were held, then there should not be such gross mistakes.

    Though revision of lists takes place at regular intervals, the main job is either to add new names or to delete names. Both these have to be done very carefully and it takes some time since a person verifies everything manually and then updates the list online. When the total votes polled are much more than the total number of voters in that segment, then it's undoubtedly a cause of serious concern and the state EC must look into these complaints and take remedial measures after consulting with the CEC. A probe has to be ordered to find out the lapses and if possible the results of the election have to be republished after correcting every kind of error.


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    It is really an unfortunate thing that we have not achieved digital and online transparencies and accuracies in the voting list even after so many years.

    I think this should be taken on a priority by a separate agency as was done in the case of Aadhaar card and PAN card. The existing system of maintaining the electoral roll is with the state Govt and every one is aware of their working calibre and efficiencies in this respect.

    Until unless the voter lists are updated and corrected and are in line with the Aadhaar card nothing positive can be expected in this area and the election commission will be getting all the blame for a fault of other agencies.

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    As my name was deleted in the voter list.As I was physically alive as I don't have right to vote....
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    #655712: You could have gone to the polling station, given a written objection to the Presiding Officer along with a copy of supporting documents (Election Id Card) and could have voted. There has been a special provision for such cases.
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