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    Your handwriting say something about you?

    Today I was going through one of the articles and came across that our handwriting reflects our personality. Handwriting analysis says how you write a letter and words indicate more than 4.5k different personalities.

    They say if your handwriting slants towards:

    *Right* You are open to the people around you and like to socialize with the people.

    *Left* You normally like to work alone. If you are right-handed and your handwriting slants to the left, then you are of opposing nature.

    And if your handwriting doesn't slant then you incline to be logical and practical. You are sentineled with your emotions.

    If the size of your letters Is:

    *Large* You have a big personality. It suggests that you are outgoing and like to be in limelight.

    *Small* You are focused and can concentrate on the things easily. You are likely to be introspective and shy

    *Average* You can adjust and adapt yourself well anywhere.

    Like this, there are many other things which tell about your character. The science which deals with handwriting is known as graphology.

    I too have noticed toe who have good handwriting are normally good at heart and simple. What're your observations when you see someone's handwriting.
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    Very interesting thread. There are many such things existing in the world which are used to judge a person - what is his type and what is his nature. To name a few - palmistry, forehead reading, Tarot cards, handwriting analysis etc are some examples.

    These are not based on any scientific or rational basis but are used by people to decipher certain traits about the people. These are statistical in their nature and the conclusions may be true for a limited percentage out of a lot.

    For example if we say that a good handwriting shows that the person is orderly and well organised in his life then it could be true but at the same time he could be a personality having totally opposite traits. I have seen some extremely messy persons having excellent caliographic handwritings.

    When you toss a coin you do not know how many times you will get heads and how many times you will get tails. These things are like that only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Although I don't believe in the co-relation between handwriting and personality traits, my wife firmly believes in this theory. As my writing is small and moves upwards from left to right, my wife always says that I am an introvert. But she never says that I can concentrate more on an issue.
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    I also heard about this relationship between personality and handwriting. But I have no knowledge of the same. Most probably somebody might have done some work on this. They might have collected the handwritings of different people and interviewed them to understand their personality. Based on this they might have framed some outputs. Based on this research now by seeing the handwriting of a person they may be giving the predictions. Otherwise, this will be a good topic for research. This can be done in a more scientific way and based on the findings a relation between the handwriting and personality can be made.
    In this connection, I want to say that some doctors diagnose the Parkinson disease based on the writing of the individual. They say a person with Parkinson disease will have a chain and slanted hand writing.

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    I have also read about it somewhere but how much authentic is this prediction is a matter of more research and more data analysis.

    These things are based on observations and there is no science behind them.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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