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    Do you think that seniors should pave way for others for better performance of a task?

    We always speak about experience vs fresh thoughts. When we speak of political leaders the experience counts but many of us feel that the young leaders should be encouraged. When it comes to other areas, preference would be given to seniors. Here lie the actual problem and the performance index of the organization as a whole is badly affected. The organisation depends on experience and the younger lot tries to find an escape route trying to throw the responsibility on the seniors.

    That's why the portfolios entrusted in various organizations and the assignments given in Government offices change every three to four years to relieve one from the monotony of the work and also to prepare a second line of leadership or a workforce in standby mode. This helps the organisation to continue its activity without any hindrance.

    Do you think that seniors should pave way for others for better performance of the task? What is your take on this?
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    Passing on the experience and expertise to the younger generations and delegation of powers and responsibilities to them is a crucial factor in the growth of an organisation and management gurus are always finding newer and newer ways to accomplish this.

    This give and take relationship between the seniors and the younger generation is very complicated because it many times fails miserably due to two factors. First factor is when the senior does not want to part away with his expertise as he fears to lose importance in the process. Second factor is when the senior is generous but the junior is not ready to take up those bigger responsibilities as he is habitual of hiding behind the senior in case of any challenge or new work.

    Transfer policies and change of assignments sometimes help the organisations to cope up with these extreme scenarios.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Knowledge acquired by experience should be passed on to the next generation people and see that they will take that responsibility of running the show. This is called succession planning. If this is planned properly the organisation can survive for longer periods. Otherwise, as the senior people become inactive the chances of the company getting collapsed will arise. So it is always better to have a second line always.
    The experienced should share their knowledge with the next generation people so that the young people will work with more enthusiasm and the results will be encouraging. In this case, both the parties should be sincere and work to their best abilities.
    The change of roles from one field to other filed also is a good concept as the employees will get multiple skills and they can be utilised in different fields as required,

    always confident

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    A senior who paves a good career path by facilitating his juniors is respected by the juniors. It is a good trait and tomorrow when the seniors retire from the active service, the juniors have to manage everything.

    This also makes a good harmony between the senior and junior.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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