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    Time for realistic New Year Resolutions

    2019 is just 12 days away. As usual, most of us will make big resolutions. Of course, to quietly forget them after the first fifteen days.

    It is in this context that one needs to understand New Year Resolutions. For example, one resolution could be a 10% improvement in organizing things at home
    More often than not, most of the times, we are so busy that we are very poor in this respect. Our wives do all our work and of course, keep banging us off and on. At least six out of every ten males seem to be having this weakness. Ditto for another weakness. That is, ventilating all our anger on our spouses.

    Even for just one per cent, we cannot take on our wives or husbands for all tensions in the office. We should realize this fact. It may seem ridiculous. But a new year resolution could be to reduce tensions in this respect, by thirty percent.

    We need to identify such small things and move forward. What do members have to say on this?
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    I have no practice of new year resolutions and attempting for certain things making a resolution on that day. But the issues raised by the author are very interesting. I was also a person who was very unorganised in the house. My wife used to take care of everything. She will be keeping everything in order. Slowly seeing her struggling, I imbibed the same habit from my wife and now 90% of my things will be kept in order by me. Remaining 10 % she may be doing.
    Another issue is venting out the anger. Many people will do this. The anger they got on their boss will be released in the house on the wife or children. But as far as I am concerned I never had that practice. But I used to be away from all household works. I was just handing over the money to her. Rest she will be taking care. But slowly I started involving in outside works for the house. I never show the anger in these people.

    always confident

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    I think that author has given a good idea to go for resolutions not drastically but in parts. Go for only which is achievable.

    For example a person is a chain smoker and now wants to cut down it to 50%. He makes a resolution and tries for that. It is clear that he can not quit smoking but if he can reduce it then it is a great achievement for him.

    So going for partial improvements in any area is welcome and resolution to that effect is a praiseworthy thing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There is no point in going for unrealistic new year resolutions. We should vow for only those things which we can achieve later on.

    It will always be a good idea to go for realistic and achievable resolutions.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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