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Let's end 2018 with a huge celebration! Write a chapter and get a chance to win a cash award for the year-ending children's e-book.
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    Celebrations - Christmas-New Year e-book contest

    It's time to celebrate the forthcoming festive season of Christmas as well as the excitement to welcome a whole new year. So there's no better theme than Celebrations for our special year-end e-book contest! If you wish to participate in this contest, then you must first register here.

    What you have to do: Submit a chapter in a response to this thread in the order of the chapter number assigned to you. You will be given two elements to include in your chapter. The chapter should be submitted within 24hrs. of the elements being conveyed, these being intimated in a response to this thread itself.

    1. The e-book will be a story for children (approx. age 7 to 11 years) so you could keep the text simple. It should be in English only with no slang or inappropriate words and nothing related to violence, weapons and the like. You may include dialogues and new characters, but do not create confusion by changing the names of existing characters.
    2. Minimum words: 250. Maximum words: 500.
    3. Every chapter should have a title of not more than four words maximum.
    4. You are welcome to edit your chapter to correct spelling, grammar and typo and can do so only before the next chapter is submitted. At no time should you change the title name or the core of the text.

    General instructions:
    1. Members can submit a chapter only after registration and a chapter being assigned to them. Do not submit a chapter out of turn. It is advisable to write your chapter in such a way that there is continuity in the story, with the next author being able to pick up the story on the contest theme of Celebrations.
    2. In case the previous chapter has not been submitted by the author within the 24-hour timeframe, then the next author in line should submit the chapter.
    3. Please follow instructions given in this thread and check daily both, this thread and the registration thread.
    4. In case of any confusion, please post queries in the registration thread only and not in this thread.
    5. Please do not discuss any aspect of the story and authours' submissions during the course of the contest. A separate thread will be initiated to give your feedback later, once the contest closes.

    This time we will not give any top prizes but will reward the best chapters (up to five maximum) with Rs.100/- each. A consolation prize may also be given of Rs.75. Non-winning participants may also be given enhanced points and cc based on the quality of their submissions.
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    Submit the chapter assigned to you like this -
    Chapter (number) : (Title)
    .....(text follows)

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    Neelam begins the e-book, submitting chapter one within 24hrs. of this response.

    Elements to be included:
    (i) Introduce a child who will be the main character of the e-book, with his/her name starting with the letter Z.
    (ii) Mention the word 'Celebrations' only once, in the last sentence of the chapter.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter 1: Outside the church

    Zaheer a 4-year-old kid, who has just learned to frame a few complete sentences, and started to go to school, lives with his sister Sara and parents in Delhi. It's a time of winter vacation so their parents plan to visit hill station of Mussoorie, As their 10-year daughter was demanding from a year that she wanted to see snowfall.
    As planned they all prepared their bag packs placed them in the car ensured their hotel booking and went ahead with their plan. As Sara's father was driving the car and their mother was also in the seat ahead with him. It was more fun for Sara and Zaheer to sit in the back seat and keep playing without continuous nagging care of their mother.
    As they reach the mighty mountains they were mesmerised by the beauty and all the mist and fog rising above which was completely different for them. Sara was busy with her camera on the phone and clicking pictures of everything.
    But for Zaheer it was more of a different experience as he never seen something like this ever, He looked at everything with curious eyes, even lengths of trees and greenery was very unique to him and above it, the way city was decorated made him more surprised. His mother was looking at her son watching outside the window of the car with awe and couldn't stop appreciating his son's curiosity and cuteness to her husband.
    As soon as they reach the top of the mountain where their hotel booking was, they parked their car on the parking lot reached inside the hotel and rest until the evening.
    The whole place was decorated with light as it was time for the arrival of Christmas. The hustle and bustle in the city were more than usual because of the tourist and festival. It was 22nd December. Next day as the guide told them they visited some of the famous spots of the place as it was possible for them to visit in a day. Sara's continuous nagging for watching the snow fall made them a little irritated but Zaheer was quiet and happy observed in the scenery in places which he was visiting. He was a way more quite for the kid of his age.
    Guide told Sara to be patient as snowfall is possible at any moment but till the time She can watch the snow laden Himalayas from the Balcony of her hotel room. Sara made an angry face and left the place. Next day they decide to visit the local market on foot instead of taking their car.
    On the way, Sara again created the same Drama she didn't want to stay here as there is no snowfall her mother tried to calm her down. And his father was talking to guide. Meanwhile, Zaheer viewing a rally of kids dressed in various dresses walking behind Santa kept walking behind it and reached outside a Church where everyone was busy in the preparation of celebrations.

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    Chapter 2 - elements to include:
    (i) Include a store in the market.
    (ii) Mention an animal seen by the boy.

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    Chapter 2: That's an endangered animal

    One of those children was dressed as a crow-like bird. The child was also mimicking the calls of other birds and animals. This intrigued Zaheer so much. Though Zaheer's family practised Islam, they wanted to visit the beautiful church and pray to the Lord. They partook in celebrations, ate cake and danced with the locals. Their guide took them through the flea markets of Mussorie. Zaheer kept looking for something interesting. A pet store called "PDGRE Pop" caught his eye because he saw that crow-like bird near the window. Zaheer pulled his dad's pant and asked," I want that bird daddy!". His parents were clearly against the idea of keeping a pet. And the bird that Zaheer was asking for, is a red billed blue magpie. The bird is very notoriously loud and intelligent. It can mimic calls of other birds and animals. So Zaheer's dad hatched a plan. He bent down to Zaheer and said,"Those birds are endangered Zaheer. There are a little over 100 of those birds now. This pet store is keeping such invaluable creatures here, illegally. Police might arrest us if we take them as pets". This was clearly a lie because those birds are abundant in Himalayan region. Poor Zaheer believed his dad's lies. His parents then went on to buy many things but his eyes were set on the bird. He asked his dad if he borrow his phone. When asked why, he said he wants to click Sara's pictures. Sara overjoyed, kissed her little brother. After clicking two to three pictures, Zaheer told Sara that he was going to rest. So Sara joined her parents in shopping. Zaheer remembered his father telling him to contact 100 when anything went wrong. He immediately contacted Police and complained that PDGRE Pop owns illegal birds. In five minutes the police was there before the pet store. Zaheer's dad looked at Zaheer smiling and checked his phone. His vacation was now ruined because of his stupid lie. The police started raiding the shop. They found nothing. So they traced the call and found out Zaheer's dad standing among the crowd. A group of five policemen came marching towards him and gave him and Zaheer a lot of scolding. Zaheer's dad had to admit before everyone, embarrassed, that he lied. But all of this was good news to Zaheer. He got to buy that magpie now.

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    Chapter 3: elements to include:
    (i) The boy's interest in buying the magpie is diverted by the sister in some interesting manner.
    (ii) Introduce a new character.

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    Participants should note that if an author fails to submit his/her chapter on time, within 24hrs of the elements mentioned in my response, then the next author in line should write that chapter with those elements.
    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter Three: Tweety the Little Bird

    While Zaheer was lovingly gazing at his new pet magpie in the cage, his dad was in the queue at the cash counter. Zaheer's mom and sister were standing outside the store as it was crowded inside. Suddenly Sara started calling out her dad's name to come out in a tone of emergency. He was reluctant to leave the queue as it was very long, but sensing the urgency in the tone, he went out to check what the matter was. Zaheer left the cage and rushed ahead of his father to check what was the matter.

    He saw something tiny wriggling inside the hands of his sister. She had covered it with the other hand so that it wouldn't escape. Her father asked her, what the matter was, she slowly opened her hand, and there he saw a baby magpie. It looked so hurt and one of the wings seemed to be in bad shape. Sarah bends a little to show the baby bird to Zaheer. Zaheer was so excited to see the bird, that he forgot about the one that he saw in the store and he longer wanted it.

    Now he wanted this bird instead of the one in the store, everyone looked with pleading eyes to their father. Zaheer's father thought for a while and finally nodded a yes. They asked the people around if there was a vet nearby. It was few kilometers away, so they booked a cab and rushed to the hospital.

    In the cab, Sarah asked Zaheer that what would you like to name the bird. Zaheer was so happy, that his sister asked him for a suggestion, so, he quickly named the bird Tweety, after his favorite cartoon character.

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    Chapter 4 - elements to be included:
    (i) Mention an object related to Christmas.
    (ii) Include a chance meeting with someone known to the family at the hospital.

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter4: The unexpected meeting

    The cab is going fast towards the hospital. Zaheer is very anxious as Tweety is to be treated as early as possible. In that anxiety also he never stopped having a glance outside and observing the nature and various shops. All the shops are with special lights glowing as the Christmas is very fast approaching. He is feeling happy to see the Christmas stars with the lights in the shops. The various sizes of stars in different shops with different colours of lights are really a visual feast to the people around. Many bakeries around with various sizes and shapes of merry Christmas cakes.

    The cab reached the hospital. They got down from the cab and gone running to the doctor. The doctor has seen the Tweety and given the required treatment. The doctor informed them that nothing to worry and the little bird will be alright and will be the centre of attraction in the house shortly. They thanked the doctor and just came out of the doctor's room. Zaheer is very happy by hearing the doctor's words and thanked his sister for the fabulous gift to him for Christmas. He wanted to give a beautiful return gift to his sister.

    At that moment "Zaheer" a shouting from a distance heard... They have seen 4 years boy coming running his side. By seeing him Zaheer is very happy and shouted back"Krishna". Then he told his father that Krishna is his classmate in the school. Meanwhile, Krishna came nearer to them. The faces of both of them are glowing as they met each other in a place other than their school. Behind him, his parents came. The parents of Zaheer met the parents of Krishna earlier once or twice during the parents meeting in the school. So they wished each other. Krishna's father told them that they came to this town to spend holidays. Their pet dog is a little unwell. So they came here to meet the doctor. They decided to meet in the evening in a restaurant to have dinner together. They understood that both the families are in the place on the same mission and they are staying in the same hotel.
    Zaheer introduced Krishna to his sister and requested his sister to convince father that both the families will go together the next day for sightseeing. He also informed her that Krishna will convince his parents for the same. Both of them are very excited that they both met in a new place and feeling happy as they can spend together at least at a day in that new place.

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    Chapter 5 - elements to include:
    (i) A surprise at the restaurant.
    (ii) An interesting place where the families plan to go the next day.

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    Chapter 5: Surprise at the restaurant

    It's evening time and as decided the two families gather together for the dinner in a nearby restaurant. They visited the nearby restaurant which was well decorated with rice bulbs and bright signboards greeting the guests. As it was a Christmas time, so the restaurant was decorated based on the same theme. There were two beautifully decorated Christmas trees on both the sides of the restaurant's entrance welcoming the guests. A rich aroma of delicious food being cooked at the restaurant was making them hungrier and they couldn't resist themselves from entering the restaurant.

    Surprise awaits for Zaheer, Sara, Krishna and the two families in the restaurant. It was an awestruck moment for Zaheer when he saw the waiters of the restaurant dressed in elf's costume. They were five of them. All the elves have pointed nose and red caps on their head. They even had their name tags according to Santa's elves namely, Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, Rolo, and Milo. Not only Zaheer, but it was a surprise element for both the families. No one ever wondered to find the waiters being dressed in elf's costume.

    A hoarse voice distracted everyone's attention. "Ho-ho-ho" shouted a fat man with a big round stomach and white beard dressed in Santa's clothes. He was none other than the owner of the hotel. The Santa greeted Zaheer, Sara, Krishna, and the two families a "Merry Christmas". Zaheer was very happy and excited for all the amazing things happening in the restaurant. He was seeing the Santa and the elves for the first time in his life. Everything was very surprising to him and the two families.

    The disguised Santa gifted toys to the children based on their likings. He gifted Zaheer a green bicycle toy, Sara a Barbie doll and Krishna a musical flute. This made them all very surprised as they never expected it to happen. They have never seen such kind of hospitality in their lifetime. The two families kept on praising the wonderful and amazing arrangement of the restaurant.

    The two families then decided to have the dinner as it was getting very late. One of the elves took their order and their food started to prepare. While the food was being prepared for them, the two families were deciding to visit the sightseeing places in Mussoorie, which they were going to visit the next day. Sara had read in her books about the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary so she asked her father if they could visit the place. "It is a famous tourist destination and just 11 kilometers away from Mussoorie", said Sara. By hearing the name of the wildlife sanctuary, Zaheer was very excited as it will be the first time in his life to watch the different species of wildlife and the birds.

    Looking at Sara and Zaheer's interests, the two families decided to visit the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary the following day.

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    Chapter 6 - elements to be included:
    (i) A yellow object
    (ii) A funny incident during a trek at the sanctuary

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    Chapter 6: An interesting experience

    Next day very early in the morning Zaheer's family and Krishna's family started for the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary according to their plan. Both the families left their cars and hired a cab from the hotel for their visit. They decided so to spend more time together and have loads of fun especially the kids.

    Although it was a chilly morning, still came early to watch the sunrise. It took around half an hour to reach the sanctuary. The sanctuary is in the midst of medicinal plants, pine, fir and cedar trees all covered with mist. Even the snow laden Himalayas is also around.

    A few meters into the sanctuary, Zaheer, the most curious child, screamed in happiness as he saw a red semi-circle object peeping out from the mountain range in the east. The shiny object was coming out gradually, and the mild glare of it started piercing through the tall conical trees. All of them waited patiently to watch the sunrise in such a beautiful surrounding. Within a few minutes, the sun rose fully and looked so radiant. The sparkling rays of the sun drove the darkness away.

    After the sunrise, they trekked towards the middle of the sanctuary. Types of chirping sound made the kids look here and there. They saw various birds sitting on the trees as well as in the bird cages. The red-billed blue magpies caught the eyes of Zaheer which excited him more.

    All of them ate breakfast and rested for a while. Sometime later began trekking on the other side of the sanctuary. There viewed many animal species such as leopard, deer, panther, Himalayan goat, and many more. In the meantime, the children saw a large hut shaped tent and also some glowing yellow round objects. The kids ran towards the tent and found some little school children who were having a picnic with their teachers.

    As it was Christmas, there were two big Christmas trees decorated with a lot of yellow ornament balls, red berry shaped balls along with tiny gift packs. While they were watching the fun of the school students, a teacher dressed as Santa Claus came running and asked every little student to sit quietly and keep their eyes closed.

    Then he started giving gifts but did not give to one student. The little one was opening his one eye to see when he would get his gift. To have fun the Santa decided not to give him his gift, and then the child started crying loudly. Rest of the teachers and the Santa calmed the crying student, later gave him two gifts. Soon all the other children started crying aloud, so Santa distributed one more gift to all of them. It made them all very happy, and the little ones wished loudly Merry Christmas!

    After all the fun, the parents decided to return. They started trekking back towards the sanctuary gate while the children hopped and jumped in happiness.


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    Chapter 7 - elements to include:
    (i) Introduce a new character.
    (ii) Relocating the baby magpie.

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    Chapter 7: New home for Tweety

    All the children were enjoying among themselves and curious Zaheer was watching every activity of the different species of birds while returning back from the sanctuary. They reached the hotel and all of them went to the suite where the family of Zaheer was staying. The kids started playing, but soon afterward, Zaheer and Krishna started yawning since they woke up early in the morning. It's almost lunchtime, so the parents thought of having their lunch in the restaurant inside the hotel before the kids fall asleep and proceeded there.

    While going out, nobody noticed how Tweety managed to climb up to the shoulder of Sara and went along with her inside the restaurant. Many were having their lunch in the restaurant and both the families chose their seat at one of the corners. Tweety was nervous seeing so many people and tried to fly, but it fell down and screamed. The scream attracted few people towards the table and they found Zaheer caring little Tweety just below the table.

    Among the people who watched Zaheer was Mr. Naresh Rao, an environmentalist and a writer. By seeing the baby magpie, he came forward and befriended Zaheer. Mr. Rao introduced himself to the families and started a conversation. He made certain sounds which attracted Tweety towards him which Zaheer found amazing. He told them the importance of conservation of different species and advised them to give the bird to the sanctuary. By listening to this, Zaheer started crying. The other family members tried to console him and Mr. Rao told them that he will meet them in the evening.

    As promised, he went to Zaheer's suite and showed Zaheer many tricks with his hands and a ball. Zaheer was fascinated by the tricks and told Mr. Rao that he wants to learn all those tricks. Mr. Rao promised he will teach him many of them if he gives Tweety to the sanctuary. He tried to reason with the kid by saying that Tweety is a local bird and cannot stay far away in Delhi. By the time Zaheer's father reminded Zaheer how he cried in the absence of his mother when she went to her native place for a day to visit her ailing dad.

    They told him many stories to describe how mothers and relatives are important for other animals too. After much persuasion, Zaheer agreed to relocate the bird at the sanctuary. After listening to this, Mr. Rao explained one trick to Zaheer and told him to practice it. Zaheer was so happy after learning the trick and practiced it till going to the bed. The next morning, Zaheer, along with his father and Mr. Rao took Tweety and went to Benog Wildlife Sanctuary. Zaheer was feeling sad, but by thinking of the condition of a child without the mother he didn't say anything. Mr. Rao handed over the baby magpie to the authorities there and felt happy to relocate the bird.


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    Chapter 8 - elements to include:
    (i) An outing by the two mothers to the market
    (ii) A secret plan by them

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    Chapter 8: The Mall Road

    Krishna and Zaheer became closer than before in that 3 days. Since Zaheer and his dad went to handover Tweety in sanctuary, only Zaheer's mom Murshida and Sara came to have breakfast with Krishna's family. Krishna's mom Devaki and Murshida were also become comfortable in speaking random things

    They were planned to visit Mussoorie lake after breakfast. But it got postponed to post lunch because of Tweety. Krishna's dad Ramu finished his breakfast quick and went to lobby with his pet dog. Soon, he saw them all coming out of the hotel's restaurant.

    Devaki forwarded fast with an urge to tell something, where Murshida was on call with Zaheer's dad, started walking on other direction with Sara and Krishna. Devaki sat on the sofa next to Ramu and started telling, "it would be too boring to stay in room till lunch. Today is Christmas, so the celebrations would be great in Christ Church in the Mall Road, also, that road is famous for shopping, So, can we go to there?"

    Ramu was not interested in shopping, at the same time, he understood that Devaki will not end the trip without shopping, so he checked the maps for the routes. When he checked places nearby, he found Mussoorie Heritage center which was less than 2 kms and just 10 minutes drive from the mall road. They made a quick plan which satisfied everyone's interest.

    In 15 minutes drive, Ramu dropped Murshida and Devaki in the Mall road and geared towards the Heritage center with Krishna, Sara and the pet. Both the ladies felt so glad that they can spend time on shopping with no hustle bustle. The street was very colorful and seen Christmas decoration in front of every shop. Their moods were shifting from shopping to admiring, while entering and exiting the store. The collections are satisfactory to them. Decorations outside are stunning to them. They saw the artificial snow man, cartoon characters and Disney characters were part of the decoration. There was a big christmas tree in front of the Christ Church and a Santa claus on the sled connected with Reindeer. They understood, all these colourful decorations would look much amazing with lights in the night.

    Seeing Santa Claus, Murshida's voice went down suddenly and told that Zaheer was not completely happy in giving tweety. He believed that it was his Christmas gift from an invisible Santa Claus. Devaki suggested to gift something to surprise Zaheer. Then Murshida seeing a store told, "let the surprise be for all three kids".

    Devaki looked at the direction of Murshida's sight and found a store named Frozen, where two Disney characters Anna(princess) and Olaf(snow man) welcoming. Nearing the store, they could see an artificial snow machine and a play area with full of snow, where some kids already building the snow balls and fixing carrot and coolers to make it look like snowman. Moms decided to surprise the kids that evening and they were so excited about it.

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    Chapter 9 - elements to include:
    (i) An unusual black object which is part of the surprise.
    (ii) An incident with the pet dog.

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    Chapter 9: Adventure at the tunnel

    Happy shopping together and excited about the prospects of landing a surprise on the kids, the two moms head for the hotel. The kids were eagerly waiting for them. Krishna rushed for his mother. Same with Sara, but things were not good with Zaheer. He was too upset thinking of Tweety.

    To brighten things up, Murshida announced to the kids about the surprise awaiting them in the evening. On hearing of the surprise, the kids went impatient and pestered their moms about it. But the moms didn't budge an inch. After lunch, it was time for them to head for Mussoorie Lake and from there for their mysterious surprise.

    On reaching their mystery destination, everyone got to see the outlet 'Frozen'. In the play area, the snowmaking machine was pumping snow all around. It was kind of a real snowfall. Inside, kids were busy making snowballs and throwing them at each other. Even before the dads could buy the tickets, the three children along with Krishna's pet Snowy were already inside the play area. The area was quite big enough, as big as a basketball court. To their surprise, they saw a small toy train chugging around. There was also a long tunnel through which the train was to pass. The three along with Snowy hopped into the little train. As the train entered the tunnel, it went all dark, jet black, one may say and spooky. The kids screamed in fright and in the ensuing melee, Snowy panicked and jumped off the train. Everyone gave a sigh of relief as the train approached the opening at the other end.

    Thrilled with their tunnel experience, the kids then ventured into making snowballs and throwing at each other. Sara made a big snowman, a snow-woman in fact. Even though artificial, her dream to play in the snow had, at last, come true. The moms and the dads were happy that the kids could have such a good time. Everyone thanked the mothers for such a good find. It was sure the best surprise for the kids.

    Soon, it was time to leave. All of a sudden, Krishna realizes Snowy's absence. He was not to be seen anywhere. 'Where was Snowy?' everyone wondered. Last, he was seen on the train. Everyone was now searching for Snowy. Mr Ramu even ventured inside the dark tunnel, but with no success. Suddenly, Zaheer sees a heap of snow at one place. 'Could Snowy be there?' he wondered. He then rushed towards the heap and removed the snow at the surface. And lo! Whom do we find here? It's Snowy. Apt to its name, Snowy was looking like a bundle of snow. The next instant, Krishna took snowy in his lap and comforted him. The dog was trembling, partly due to cold and partly due to the fright it experienced inside that jet black tunnel. Soon enough, Snowy was back to its spirits and happily running all around.

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    Chapter 10 - elements to include:
    (i) A vehicle
    (ii) With Christmas over, kids making a plan for parents as a New Year surprise

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    [Deleted - reposted by mistake]
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    Chapter 10: Ropeway ride.

    While coming back to the hotel Zaheer and Krishna were happy and were discussing the thrilling experience at Mussoorie lake and toy train ride.

    It was almost night and Ramu asked Zaheer's father for the next day plan. They both agreed to visit Kempty fall and then to Dhanaulti.

    As per agreed time both the families met in the hotel lobby at 6:00 AM the next day. They moved in the car they hired yesterday. Ramu instructed the driver to take them to the Kempty fall. On the way, Zaheer shouts " Oh see ropeway car".

    All the kids Zaheer, Krishna and Sara were staring at the ropeway car and insisted on to have a ride on it. Ramu asked the driver " Can we stay here for some time?". The driver replied Okay and showed the way to Zaheer's father of the ticket counter. Zaheer and Krishna were scared when the ropeway car started moving as it was swinging in the air whereas Sara was enjoying the ride and was busy watching panoramic view of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges and lush green valley. After enjoying the ride they move towards the kempty fall.

    As it was cold so they could not take a dip in the fall though Sara was still insisting on to go into the milky water but Murshida was adamant and didn't allow her as she knew Sara will catch cold in cold water. After spending almost an hour there they all moved towards Dhanaulti.

    Once the driver told that Dhanaulti is known as the vampire city, the kids were scared of going to the place. Krishna requested his father to go back to the hotel due to fear but Zaheer's father persuaded Krishna and convinced that nothing is going to happen. Ghosts don't exist he said. It was fun to watch the Eco park in Dhanaulti. The adventure sports facility is available for visitors in the form of walking over the flying fox, Burma bridges and riding horses.

    Zaheer and Krishna were happy to do the horse riding. Sara, as she was fearing so, didn't do the horse riding. After spending around 3 hours there driver came to Zaheer's father and asked him that they have only 15 minutes more to enjoy.

    So they started moving back to the hotel. The kids were sitting at the back seat of INNOVA whereas their parents were on the front seats and were almost sleept due to tiredness.

    Krishna suggested why don't we plan a surprise party on the new year eve. Zaheer and Sara agreed for it. Krishna was confused about how they would be able to arrange it. Sara was confident about it and said that they will take the help of the hotel staff.

    On the way to the hotel, they were planning the menu for the dinner, cake and the arrangement of the decorative material on the new year eve. Suddenly the driver stopped the car and they saw that they have reached the hotel.


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    Chapter 11- elements to include:
    (i) How the kids manage to make the arrangements for the surprise, unknown to the parents.
    (ii) End the chapter with the word 'celebrations' as the last word in a way that the story can be concluded in a nice way by the last author.

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    Chapter-11: Planning for Surprise Party.

    The kids were tired after the outing and wanted to get down from the vehicle and go to the room and lie down at the earliest. The parents in the front were also getting out of their light sleep.
    "You are not thinking how to go ahead for the surprise party?" Zaheer uttered slowly so that only Krishna and Sara could hear it.
    "Why not?" Krishna murmured enthusiastically.
    While getting down from the vehicle Zaheer told in a low pitch to Sara and Krishna that tomorrow as nothing outdoor is planned, they will meet in the morning after the breakfast.

    Meanwhile the families moved to their respective rooms and decided to have dinner there only.

    The kids were soon asleep after the dinner and the next day got up a bit late around 8 AM. Zaheer and Sara along with their parents went down to the ground floor in the restaurant for breakfast. About 10-15 minutes later they saw Ramu, Devaki and Krishna coming for breakfast and taking the adjacent table.

    "Any outing today?", Zaheer's father casually asked Ramu.
    "Nothing specific. We thought to have a stroll in the local market." Ramu told.
    "We also do not have anything scheduled. Yes, let us have a round in the market. Why not!" Zaheer's father said.
    Zaheer glanced to Krishna and Sara. They understood him.
    Ramu said, "All right. Let us all go to the market."
    Krishna suddenly cried, "Papa! We want to play here and do not want to go to market."
    Sara joined him, "Yes, I also want to play here."
    Zaheer also told same thing.

    Seeing the kids' interest in playing the parents gave them the room keys and left the hotel. They told them not to go out till they return.

    Zaheer took Krishna and Sara to the room and asked them what was in their mind. They told him that they do not know how to go about it. Zaheer asked them if they had some money. Krishna had some 60 rupees with him and Sara had something around 40 rupees only. Zaheer saw that they had about 170 rupees including his own.

    They found that they could buy hardly a small cake with that money and now the only way was to ask the help of the hotel staff. They went down to the front office manager and told him their plan. The manager laughed and patted the children for their ideas and told them not to bother and rather offered that he will secretly arrange the cake and a few goodies in the evening time and then they can call their parents there and surprise them. The kids were very happy as they did not expect such a favour. Zaheer offered 170 rupees to the the manager but he refused to take it.

    They decided to have this in the early evening of 31st December when celebrations for new year would be starting all around.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Chapter 12 (the last chapter) - elements to include:
    (i) The first and last word should be celebrations.
    (ii) End the e-book in such a way that though it ends nicely, the end is sort of left a bit open, as though there would be a sequel (like some of our Bollywood films!)

    When you make a commitment, you create hope. When you keep a commitment you create trust! ~ John C. Maxwell

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    Chapter - 12: The New Year Eve

    Celebrations for new year were already evident in the morning of 31st when the hotel staff was seen decorating the gate of the hotel and the lobby area. By the time the kids along with their families came down for b'fast, much activities were being carried out by the hotel staff there.

    Ramu and Zaheer's father had decided in the previous evening for going to Lal Tibba, the nearby mountain peak for sightseeing on 31st morning. They also wanted to join the buffet dinner and new year function in their hotel in the evening.

    After b'fast both the families took a big taxi and went to Lal Tibba which is the nearby famous sightseeing place. The panoramic view from Lal Tibba was really astonishing and magnificent and all were much impressed with the scenic beauty around it. By lunch time they were back to the town and decided to have some food in the local market and had it in a crowded restaurant in the market. After lunch they retired to their respective rooms. Meanwhile Zaheer on the pretext of meeting Krishna came out from the room and went down to see the Lobby Manager who smiled to see him. Zaheer asked him at what time he should bring the parents down for the surprise. Manager told that anytime between 4:30 to 5:30 PM will be all right as after that the hotel staff will be busy in their evening schedule.

    Zaheer went to Krishna's room and and asked him to come out and told that he should tell his parents that there is a fun get-to-gether in the lobby at 4:30 PM and all are invited there by the hotel.

    At 4:15 PM, Zaheer and Sara told their parents that they are going to take Krishna with them to the lobby and they should also reach there by 4:30 PM. The parents took it as the usual impatience of the children in such matters.

    Zaheer repeated same thing to Ramu and Devaki and took Krishna with him and proceeded to the ground floor.

    At 4:40 PM the parents reached down but did not find many people there except the children waiting for them around a small table where a cake was decorated. As they reached near the table the children clapped and loudly said, "Happy New Year" and asked them to cut the cake. The Manager also joined with a few of staff.

    The parents were really surprised to see the gesture of these children and thanked the Manager for the help rendered. Everyone had cake and tea and had good fun.

    Ramu and Zaheer's father were talking to each other and disclosed to the children that next year they will have a bigger surprise. Children were curious to know about it but they simply told that it will be disclosed only next December before going for christmas and new year vacation. They assured the children that then they will have bigger celebrations.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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