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    How long your new year resolutions survive?

    New year is a time to welcome the beginning of a new life with renewed determination, zeal and resolutions. Many of us take up resolutions to adhere to certain things which we were not able to make possible till the 31st night.

    Traditionally, all over the globe people take some vows and make some resolutions and try to keep up them alive during the new year. In may cases as rightly said - old habits die hard, they are not able to sustain the new routine.

    Have you also taken up some resolutions in your life at the new year eve? If yes, could it survive throughout the year? Pleas share your experiences.
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    Earlier my resolutions could not stand the test of time for more than three days. So, for the last few years, I have stopped making any resolution. Now, I am free from this mental burden. I let the life move forward as it wants.
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    I think that is a prudent step. I am also in the same league.

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    Even I don't make any resolution. For me, any day is good if want to take a vow why should we wait for a new year.

    Moreover, I don't have strong willpower so I don't make resolutions. But people do that I have seen lots of people wait for a new year and leave addiction or any bad habit they may be carrying and they actually leave them.


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    No new year resolutions. Every day only one resolution that is being happy always. Enjoy life. This is the attitude This is the resolution, I always take. I need not wait for a special day to take a resolution. So far in my life, there are no special resolutions taken on the occasion of the new year. As and when required we have to keep our targets for completion of the works and we can work for completion as planned.
    We used to have yearly production planning and we used to monitor on day to day basis. Based on the output we used to calculate per day average and decided the targets for the remaining days in that month so that we will have the required output as planned for the month. This is a regular concept in the manufacturing industry.
    But in our personal life having goals which are not in our reach and running after them is a waste of time and we will not be happy and we will be always running only. So the resolutions if somebody decides please keep in your mind about the 'me time' also.

    always confident

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