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    The difference between being literate and educated.

    I used to think that both the words have the same meaning until I googled it out. It says that being literate means to be able to just read and write which a kid starts at the age of 5 years whereas someone who is literate doesn't mean he or she is educated as he may not know the basic things in life. A simple example of the same is, at the age of 5 years one may know how to write "what to eat?" but may not be educated enough to know what and when to eat. He may not know about the calories intake, bodily requirements etc which one may learn with experience only.

    I believe that one should spend his whole life continuing to educate himself - even on the simple things in life.

    What's your perception about both the terms?
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    Literate and educated. People who can read and write can be called as literate. But an educated man understands what he studied. Simply reading the books, reproducing the same in the examinations and getting pass marks and getting the certificate will say that you are literate and you passed graduation. But if you are able to understand the purpose of your study and know how to use acquired information, then you can be called as educated. Many people acquire their degrees and come for jobs. But if we really go into their subject knowledge very few people are able to impress with their knowledge in the subject.
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    True education gives a person the ability to choose between right and wrong. It helps to work for the ultimate benefit of the society and humankind. On the other hand, literacy enables a person to read and write. There is a vast difference between these two.
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    Education should bring wisdom and maturity in a person. Simply knowing some formulas and theories one does not come under the educated category.

    It requires a transform from academic knowledge to practical knowledge then only one can be said as educated.

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    Literally speaking an educated person should know how to use his education for his own growth as well as the welfare of the human society around him. The practical side of utilising the academic qualifications makes a man educated.

    Bookish knowledge is one thing but bring it to the attainment of prosperity and mental peace is entirely a different domain. Life does not follow the rigid principles of Mathematics, it is the management of disorder and ambiguities in the life that needs that a person should be educated rather then simply have acquired some degrees.

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    Being literate is the first step to start education. However, the process of becoming literate ends there. At the same time becoming educated is a long process. Perhaps, there is no end to that process. Education never ends at the acquisition of one or more degrees. It is a long process, perhaps a life time process. It is not simply knowing something in a particular field.
    However, we generally categorise individuals as 'educated' or 'not educated '. It is based on the level of knowledge one has acquired. Even a person who has completed school education will be referred as educated, based on his level of knowledge.
    I remember those days we conducted the total literacy campaign in Kerala. Very aged persons who just having learned the letters were trying to read the headings in News papers. Once they read the same within two or more attempts, how happy they were. Seeing that organizers prepared small booklets carrying pictures and short sentences. The elders were happy to read the explanations given under the pictures, which gave them the inspiration for further learning. Thus they started to become 'educated'.


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