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    School fees and teacher's qualification- should they be relative?

    In India, school admissions have become more of a business. There is heavy competition in the name of infrastructure but not on the basis of quality education to children. Hence, it must be made mandatory for every school to hire M.Ed qualified persons for Secondary education and B.Ed ones for primary education. Without academically qualified teachers, the school must not be allowed to raise their fee structure. If the teachers are not properly qualified and trained as per norms, a fixed fee slab for such schools must be proposed by the Government.

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    These days education is a business only. We are purchasing the degrees by spending money. The private schools are making a hell lot of money in the name of donations and building fees. The salaries they offer are very less. A teacher in a government school gets a salary around Rs.25,000/-pm at the starting time but in a private school, they may offer maximum Rs.10000/-pm.I know many people working in private schools and drawing even less than ten thousand rupees salary. If they have to take qualified teachers they have to pay more. Even private engineering colleges show the names of people who are qualified and but actual classes will be taken by a less qualified person only. A BE graduate is engaged to teach the students studying BE.
    Making rules and regulations by the government may be easy. But the management of these institutes somehow finds ways and means to violate those rules and continue their business. So the organisation should feel the responsibility of giving the best education to the students and should also see that the teachers are well paid so that they will get the best teachers.

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    In the Kerala condition the qualifications of teachers of Govt. Schools and Aided schools are decided by the Government and only those qualified teachers will be appointed. But in the case of unaided schools the management itself appoint the teachers and the qualifications and fees are decided by them. In the case of Govt. Schools and Aided schools, fee structures are decided by the Education department of the Government.
    Hence the business approach in education is here among the private sector.
    However, there are several schools among the private sector which deliver excellent coaching.


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    Schools are generally hiring the qualified teachers but not going for the overqualified ones as they will expect higher salary and they may not stay there for a long period.

    So in the present scenario, it seems difficult to hire more qualified teachers.

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    Absolutely it should happen but few schools don't follow the norms and employ teachers who are not qualified just because as they pay them less salary which is not good. But there are cases too where the teachers are qualified but still, the school doesn't pay them the salary which they deserve.

    It's very essential that schools have qualified teachers as its a question of future of children. There should be someone who should investigate strictly in private schools and the norms should be followed like in government schools.


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