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    Rejected by everyone but successful- Is it possible?

    I saw a quote on a school bus which is written: "Rejected by everyone but successful". We all say that to be successful in life we need to be accepted by everyone, if not everyone at least a majority of the people. So, do you think that the quote "Rejected by everyone but successful" can be true? I have heard that Srinivas Ramanujan failed in his mathematics examination when he was studying in school. But later on, he became one of the greatest mathematicians the world has seen.

    Knowledgeable members, please respond to the question.
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    It happens with some people that during their childhood or student life they fail in many things but later they cover everything. The reason could be the timing of things.

    In one's life the most important thing is when one is serious about one's work and takes it as a challenge to complete. That decides the path of success.

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    Yes, rejected by everyone can be successful in life. We can find many examples in the past. You can refer to the example of a famous scientist innovation used by the world which is part of the human life. Thomas Alva Edison was rejected by the school but becomes a successful scientist. Many great philosophers were rejected by the contemporary people because they put thought which was many years ahead of that time. As times passed people realize the importance of the thought and follow them. Nicolaus Copernicus was punished by the fanatics of his time, but today we know he was right and thankful for his contribution to the world. Many creations of the great artist sold in billion today but they fail to convince the people. Their thought was visionary. They were rejected n their time but successful. Many got a rejection in their early life but ends in a successful life. Rejecting somebody is depending on the system we follow. If we follow that system religiously we can say we are unsuccessful in that task/thought.
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    It is quite possible. A person may be rejected by all when he is not performing well in certain aspects. Once the person knows his shortcomings and tries to select a field in which he is good and he can excel in that field. Definitely, he will be successful. Many examples can be told in this contest.
    One of my friend's son was very bad in education. All the teachers used to punish him as he is not able to get even minimum pass marks in the examination. Somehow he came out of the school. He started a small business in the village and he performed excellently well there and now he is one of the richest men in the village. He is very successful in his life. He donated a lot of money for the development of his village.
    That is how I feel that the quotation you have mentioned is very good.

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    There are many such cases. Many successful people were initially rejected by society. But at the same time, those people also rejected such rejection and continued working to reach their goals single-mindedly. And so they became successful later.
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