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    The first of its kind the National Women's Party is launched in Delhi

    Swetha Shetty, head of the NGO - Telangana Mahila Samiti, has yesterday launched a political party in Delhi, claimed to be the first national level women's party.

    The name of the party is National Women's Party.

    She says that there is a need of such a party in our country and they will seek 50% women representation in the parliament.

    This party will have an advantage that it will not be on religious or cast basis but only on the gender basis.

    What do you think the future of this party will be in our country? Will it come to forefront? What do you think about it?
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    All these days we have political parties on caste basis or state basis or something such sort. But this is a different idea altogether. Will, this party have only females as members or gents are will also be allowed? If so all the positions will be given to females also. Otherwise, are they going to give 30% reservation to males if they come to power in any state or centre in the ruling cabinet? After seeing this thread I am getting all these doubts. I feel if they can mobilise the females in all the states and if they will be successful in bringing up the sentiments of the ladies the chances of victory will be more for them. I feel one way it may be good so that all these religion, caste, creed and region difference will vanish. I wish the party all the best.
    As the concept goes into the public we can understand the reaction of various political parties, leaders and people. Anyhow a welcome move.

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    Seems to be a good idea but it will require a lot of motivation and bringing the women under its fold.

    Today women are already having affiliations with certain parties and to bring them from there to this party will be the real job.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Perhaps, this is the first attempt to start a political party based on sex. I have not come across about such a move anywhere in the world, may be there. A political organization based on sex can work. But in a male dominated set up will it be feasible? There will be several issues which will have to be worked out. Anyway, without seeing the details of the proposed party nothing more can be commented.

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    Members are requested to refer to this thread also before posting their responses here. Do spare some time so that the topic is discussed in totality.
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    I am firmly of the opinion that gender-based political party won't work in this country. Here the problems of women in different region, different caste, different religion and different social strata are different.
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