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    Why not Men's National party?

    Just I was going through the forum posts and I find a post about Women's National Party. After going through that thread, I was thinking about the concept. Many doubts in my mind. However after thinking for some time I got a silly idea. Why not a similar party for Men also.
    Whatever modalities and methods the National women's party says the same can be followed here also. But what is applicable to men there will be applicable here for women. This will make the people forget about all the other divisions like caste, religion and other issues. But at the same time is it going to bring division in a house itself. Can we expect all the gents to vote for their party and all the ladies to their party?
    What are the assumptions of the members of my wild imagination,
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    This will be fantastic. If a women's Party can be floated, no doubt Men's party can also be thought of. However, if these party politics are taken to each house, the family life will vanish from our country. The new floated Women's Party will not work under the present politically motivated country like ours. It is a sort of a joke, I feel.

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    With the current number of men and women politicians, aren't all major parties already men's parties primarily.

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    I don't think so. There is no need to have a Men's party. The women's party is formed because the attention they got among the popular political party in India. We all well aware that how a woman is treated in society. They are very much taking part in the different section of the human development but they are humiliated and neglected when they demand the key position in any heading from the big organization to the home. Offcourse with certain exception. But the number is very poor. The author talks about division in the home among men women. I think it should be there but on the key issue only. it should not lead to spoiling the relation of the friendly environment of the home. I strongly believe that the society should allow the section of it to form the association/party or group to fight for their right which is derived by called culture.

    on the lighter note, the idea of the author can be considered in the coming future when men get humiliated or deprived of their right in society.

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    It would be better if our members could post their responses regarding this in this thread about all women's party so that we have a fruitful discussion. Different views on a topic would be best when they are discussed in the same place.

    I am locking this thread now. Please carry on with your views (balanced and acceptable) in the thread to which a link has been provided.

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