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    Reserved people are neither ignorant nor arrogant.

    We all come across some people who are very silent in nature. This taciturn personality is often neglected or blamed for their nature. They become unacceptable for their colleagues. Their colleagues/friends/family feel that they are arrogant and are willfully not talking to them. But I want to focus on the other side of the coin. They are very much enthusiastic about sharing new ideas but only in details; they avoid small talk. If we come across their thoughts, it would seem visionary or out of the box. Many times they want to initiate an innovative idea but pulls themselves back. What are the things that would encourage such people to express their opinions freely?

    What would you suggest them to come out of the negative image their nature creates among people they mingle with? Your suggestion will help to make new positive changes in the coming new year.

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    Maybe they are shy and don't want to talk to the people much. They don't believe in taking credits like others by giving ideas to their boss. I suggest them to leave shyness and try to be an extrovert as no one is going to recognise you unless you show your presence. I my self is a person who's like this and I am paying for it in the office as people are liked by the bosses.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Some people are introvert and reserved. They do not open up with everyone. They are not talkative so sometimes their faculties for expressing something in the public or groups is hampered.

    It does not mean that they are not creative. Some of the world's greatest philosophers, scientists, technocrats and inventors have been from that chunk only.

    These people are generally very sensitive and soft and are to be handled in subtle ways. Good and kind friends can always bring them in the main stream. I remember long back we had a colleague who was very silent and introvert and people thought him or rather mistakenly taken him as proud or selfish. Later we found that he was suffering with depression and was under medication. He did not share it with others as he was not interested in lip sympathy.

    We had a group of people who had all sort of fun and frolic, picnics and outings time to time. We once discussed ourselves and chalked out how to involve him in all this so that he gets a change of mind. We do not know sometimes these small things also work wonder.

    We started to talk to him and with great continuous efforts we could include him in our group and contrary to our belief he turned out to be a very helpful guy and we also found that his organising capabilities were very good. He became an indispensable member of our group. With time though he had to remain under medication but his outwardly behaviour changed a lot and everyone was surprised with this development and in fact they were giving credit to us for that. His family members personally thanked us for this amazing change in his behaviour.

    With patience and persistence we can do it.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Some hesitate to talk openly in the public thinking that their ideas are not good and people may laugh at them. Some people may have doubts but they never ask again thinking that their doubts may be foolish. We need not to think that nonexpressive people are proud in nature.
    One colleague of mine was very silent and never used to talk or express his views before anybody. I realised his nature and encouraged him to talk while we have small meetings within the organisation. I made him participate in discussions with workers. Like that I started encouraged him and slowly he opened up and now he is good at expressing his views openly in the public in a very polished way.
    Like this, this type of people needs some special attention so that they can get rid of their fear and start expressing themselves.

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    There are people who talk very less, people call them introvert. Not necessarily they are always shy, but it varies from person to person. When a person doesn't talk, it means either she/he is not willing to talk or fears talking thinking that people may not accept their contribution. People who think that others will think something negative about them is shy and to help them come out of the shyness, it may take a little time.

    Someone has to take the initiative to know their likings and have to keep them engaged with the topic she/he likes while starting the conversation. It may take a little time for a shy person to open up, but their associates should not be disheartened. They have to encourage the shy person to say what she/he wishes to discuss. For the shyness, the person may hesitate to take any responsibility at the beginning, here persuasion works. By continuously keeping in touch and encouragement, shyness will automatically go away.


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