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    Do curses have an impact on ruining one's life?

    I don't think so but many of the people believe in it that's why people curse others and many people scare of being cursed by others.

    It is possible that things that would have happened without a curse still happen and are believed to be caused due to a curse.

    Nowadays, people curse each other as they are envious of people but their curses do not have any power if their curses had power then there would have been so many serious calamities. We do a lot of mistakes in our lives and we would have died long ago if we really had been cursed for our mistakes.

    Still, we should fear it and should not do anything wrong to the genuine people as they may curse us which may ruin our life. I try not to create problems for good people as I fear it. What about you? Do you curse people when they do which you don't like?
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    No. I dont think curses have any effect. It's only to reinforce diplomacy and discipline in people that our ancestors came up with the word curses. Since you know your curse could have drastic effects, you wont curse. That's the main idea. But history is also filled with curses that came true. Such as the Wadiyar dynasty of Mysore had no male progeny for centuries because of a curse. Those curses could be a coincidence. In modern ages though, we curse on a daily basis and rich seems unaffected. So no, curses are not effective.
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    In our life we have ups and downs and life is never a smooth journey. No one knows one's fate and if one believes in the fate then it is also certain that no one can change it. If it is so then how can one change one's fate by cursing.

    Only thing is people are afraid of this because of many factors. One is the fundamental doubt in their mind that if it were a true phenomenon. Other is the social one, where everyone will lip sympathesize that curse has shown its effect.

    Curse has a psychological aspect also. If someone has done a wrong thing and due to that the affected person is cursing him then the guilt consciousness and the after math of wrong doing can sometimes create uneasiness and perturbations in ones life. That is the maximum one can suffer after delivering a curse.

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    There is a belief among many people that 'curses' are the reason for not attaining what they wanted. If a person was expecting a job, but by chance it was given to another person. Then others will interpret that it was due to the curse he had. However, if he got the job nobody will remember about the curse. This is the case with almost all believes. Even the astrological predictions are like this.

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    No comment on this issue. This is a belief of some people. There is no scientific proof in this regard (so far). Some people may believe in 'curse', some don't. Arguments can't sort out/change the belief.
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    This is belief only. This theory is brought forward to see that people will not indulge in such unwanted practices. If we point out somebody, many others can point out us also. This is a point brought by the elders to avoid people unnecessarily doing harm to others. If we harm somebody he may curse us. Because of that, we have some negative effects on our lives. This theory is made so that people will avoid doing harm to others with a fear that they may suffer in their life. All such points which are in practice are to see that the people will have good conduct and never harm others.
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    I do not feel that curses will have any effect b on others. People simply going about cursing someone even if they are jealous. Even though there is no impact on cursing one should avoid doing it, the thought of cursing others shows that people wants something bad to happen and is expecting it.

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