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    What are your considerations for selecting an item for buying?

    We all go to shops for our daily needs as well as occasional needs. Some people do it in online mode and get the items delivered while sitting in the house.

    Anyway, while buying an item people generally see the brand or its content or its price and then decide to buy it. Some people do not go in those details and just get some item from the shelfs of the shop and buy it for their consumption.

    Today in the market, the merchandise is overflowing with different brands, ingredients, packings etc and there is variation in their prices also. It is difficult to take a decision as to which one we should buy.

    What are your considerations when you decide to buy an item? Is it brand or the type of the product or its price or something else like its appeal to the eyes? Do you see the details on its wrapper to find out whether it will suit to you and meet the purpose exactly for which you are planning to have it?

    Please give your choices - what do you look for in an item when you decide to buy it?
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    When I decide to purchase an item, I will decide on the budget also.
    I will try to buy the best available for the expected price.
    I will search on the internet what are various brands available in the market and select two or three bands. Then,
    I will try to see online the reviews for the product and rating by the present users in the market. I will also ask my friends and relatives who are using the product to know the performance. Based on their opinions and online reviews I will decide the product.
    Then I will go to the market and personally search the shops and select the best one that I like.
    Generally, I follow this procedure for costly items. But clothes and other normal items I will go and see in the shop and select the item.

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    While purchasing an item I check its price and quality. I don't go for the brand. It's not essential that non branded items are not good. For me, the most important is the budget and the necessity. If the thing which I want to buy is out of reach of my budget I dont buy it and try to manage without it if I can and then buy it afterwards when my pocket allows it.

    Also, I go for the products which I see my friend or anyone is using it and they are appreciating the performance of the product. I don't buy products by seeing the advertisements on television as I know they tell every product good.


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