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    Why Mr.Gadkari name is coming into limelight for PM post at present?

    In media and in various party circles of NDA Mr.Gadkari's name is circulating for next PM post. Now RSS are of the opinion that Gadkari has to be named for 2019 PM position over Mr.Modi. The reason for this is he is losing his popularity and also not showing interest in constructing Ram Mandir temple. RSS feel that Mr.Gadkari is more close to them than Mr.Modi and he definitely follow according to their wish. Shivsena also demanding change of PM candidate in 2019 election and their favorable candidate is Gadkari. Many smaller parties also leaving NDA stating that BJP destroying smaller parties in their Coalition. Why some other names coming into field while a strong contender in the form Modi is there, even with in the NDA partners and RSS itself?
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    No, Mr. Neetin Gadkari's name is not coming into the limelight for the post of the Prime Minister. Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) is all set to go for the next Lok Sabha election with Mr. Narendra Modi as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

    RSS' view about the Prime Ministerial candidate does not become public so easily. All the rumours are the dirty tactics of some media-people, who try to subvert people's opinion by hook or by crook.

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    Mr.Partha, It is'Nitin' not 'Neetin' as you mentioned.

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    I think it is a rumour only. This might have been initiated by some people in the social media and channels. I feel BJP will definitely go with Modi only as the PM candidate for the elections in 2019. To get the advantage, some people who are against Modi and BJP may be trying to spread this type of rumours.
    I strongly feel as on date the best candidate among all the available politicians from all the parties including BJP is Modi only. Of course, opinions may differ. Different people will have different opinions.
    Anyhow, we will wait and see what is happening and who will be the PM Candidate for BJP.

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    I profoundly apologize because I committed a grave mistake by mis-spelling 'Nitin' as 'Neetin'. I hope the Members would forgive me.

    At the same time, most humbly and respectfully I request the author of this thread to correct a very insignificant mistake. The heading of the thread "Why Mr.Gadkari name..." may kindly be revised. Most probably it should be
    " Why Mr. Gadkari's name....".

    Thanking in anticipation.

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    Further "Now RSS are of the opinion..." may also be changed as "Now RSS is of the opinion......"
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    Just now from Andhra Prabha news(Indian Express) APP. I found a news item saying Maharashtra RSS Chief Mr.Kishore Tiwari demanding to replace Nitin Gadkari in place of Mr.Modi as PM. The main reason for the recent failure of BJP in elections is the arrogant behavior of leaders and a moderate personality like Mr.Gadkari to be made as PM candidate for 2019 elections he reiterated. In place of an arrogant high command, people with soft nature should be filled in the cadre at all levels. In this respect, he wrote a letter to RSS chief Mr.Bhagat.

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    A few people may be thinking like that but until unless the BJP party makes such a resolution, we can not take it as true.

    Probably the opposition parties are not able to tolerate the Modi's honest image and aggressive developmental work. Jealousy is a common trait in the political fights and these rumours may be the outcome of that only.

    Only the coming times and press note issued by BJP can be taken as authentic in this connection. Till then we have to wait and watch the political developments in the country in light of the coming elections.

    Knowledge is power.

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    "Just now from Andhra Prabha news(Indian Express) APP. I found a news item ........"--------------------------I have already stated that this rumour-mongering is the handiwork of some media-sharks. But any person with a minimum level of common sense can see through their devilish game-plan.

    But it would be a different story for those who don't have that.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    A blunt knife or rusted knife can't be useful for anything just for the sake we call it as the knife similar to PayTM series or Sachin or Virat records.

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    [Response removed by Admin. Read forum policies.]
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Mr.Gadkari responded to the demand raised by RSS that he should not be announced as a PM candidate saying that he is fully happy with the duty assigned to him by Mr.Modi. So those who believe the demand of RSS for Gadkari's candidature for PM post is a rumor is not correct.


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    If Mr. Gadkari is fully happy with the duty assigned to him by Mr. Modi, then why does he want to get himself announced as a PM candidate? I have not understood the previous response.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    These are just the speculations around & not the official announcement by the party & therefore this doesn't seem feasible to go ahead with the discussions but however coming-up with the reactions or feedback is welcomed. However to be very sure of that PM Modi will continue to be the face value of the NDA alliance.

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    Is it indeed just a rumor? If so, how has this rumor cropped up and why is a question that needs to be pondered about. The Modi wave having subsided and the publicity all along being to the effect that BJP is all about Modi and Shah Pvt Ltd, I feel that the party has now (after the recent elections to the state assemblies) felt the need to scramble the strategy. The suggestion or projection of Nitin Gadkari as PM or as the party leader is a tactical game by the BJP to create confusion among those who feel that BJP won't be able to make it without Modi. On the other hand, the RSS appears to be the brain behind the rumor because they want to tell Sri Modi that he is not the only one they are relying upon. Since we are not very much aware of the inner party politics that might be going on, to brush aside this news as just a rumor would not be wise.
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    Recently, an influential leader of farmers from Maharashtra, who is also the Chairman of VNSSM, wrote to the RSS chief requesting him to nominate Mr. Gadkari as the PM candidate in place of Mr. Modi. There may be some other quarters from which the replacement request came, but at least, this is what is reported to the press. He thought Mr. Gadkari is "gentle" and an "arrogant" Mr. Modi won't be able to lead BJP to victory. After the news became public, the BJP president Mr. Amit Shah said on 19th December that NDA is going to fight the 2019 election under Modi's leadership only and there is no question of any replacement.

    It is natural that when a piece of news like this comes to the public domain, it becomes a hot topic for discussion. After the electoral performance in the 5 states, the BJP is also introspecting the reason for its failure and news like this may come from different quarters. It is understood from various predictions that the BJP is on a sticky wicket and their performance in 2019 elections depend on many things.

    The foremost important thing for them would be to stop criticizing the opposition parties and concentrate more on development tasks. The opposition will say many things and may accuse the government on different aspects, but if the NDA wants to do well the leaders must stop criticizing the opposition in the same way. Nowadays the voters are more intelligent and if they find less work and more rubbish talk, then it will be reflected in the EVMs.


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