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    When Indian cities grow faster than global ones

    A recent survey published in all newspapers had very interesting, but very positively worrying news.

    Among the fastest growing cities in the world, as expected, there was Bangalore. Not surprisingly Chennai also found a place. However, two other cities, namely the city of Tiruchirapalli in Central Tamil Nadu, and the textile hub of the Western Ghats, called Tiruppur, also found a place.

    While Tiruchirapalli does have rich water potential, as the Cauvery flows through it, the mention of Tiruppur is a little surprising. The neighboring city of Coimbatore, the most beautiful city of Tamil Nadu, has actually contributed to the boom in Tiruppur. However, unlike Coimbatore, Tiruppur has one of the most polluted environments in the country. The capitalist bosses of the textile industry do not think it wise to install effluent treatment plants. Of course, the service sector is booming and there is every possibility that Tiruppur, which is a city Corporation, may become an extended area of Coimbatore city in the next ten years.

    Yet., there are problems of sanitation common to all the four cities. Will the authorities wake up and do something? Faster growth than global cities may mean nothing. There could be some local pride and hundreds of thousands of people flocking to these cities in the years to come. However, planned development is the key.
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    As people from ruler area are shifting to urban areas, there is a fast growth of cities. That is why the cities are expanding. Another reason for this growth is employment potential. In cities there are chances for people to get some or other way to earn their livelihood. That is why the population density in cities is incre@ding and in villages it is coming down.
    But in cities the infrastructure is not getting upgraded to suit the needs of the people. The sanitation, transportation facilities and other infrastructure requirements are not being taken care properly. This is the problem which is to be addressed by the government.

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    The growth of the city depends on its infrastructure, natural resources. Also, it depends on the industries there which help in giving employment to the people there. Infrastructure includes electricity and water supply, the number of schools, colleges and hospitals, conditions of roads and transportation facilities which may be good in these cities so may be chosen. I have not heard the name of Trippur city before. But recently read that its economy is dominated by the textile industries. Still, I feel Coimbatore is a much better city than Trippur and it will take time to come at the level of other cities mentioned in the list.

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