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    There may be many, going on like these unnoticed!

    Recently it came to the notice of the administration in Bihar. It was highlighted by the local media and being probed to know more about it. A government-run school in one of the districts is discriminating against the students by providing different classrooms to students based on religions and castes. It's easily understood how it is done, but just for making it more clear I am elaborating it a little bit. For a particular class, the upper caste students are sitting in Section A, the Muslim students are sitting in Section B, students of lower castes are sitting in Section C and so on. This is going on for quite some time and surprisingly the attendance register of the students also have their castes mentioned in them with bold fonts.

    The school authorities tried to justify this by saying that because of the different schemes of the government for different castes, they have segregated the students in this way so that it will be much easier for them to implement those schemes. Earlier also, another school in the same district was found teaching students English alphabets with a discriminatory attitude. We have learned 'B for Bat, C for Cat'. In that school, the students were taught B for Brahmin, C for Chamar and different alphabets denoting different castes. Punitive measures have been taken against those teachers and now this is the new one recently surfaced.

    If these deplorable acts continue in different parts of the country where the children learn to discriminate since the beginning, can we think of any progress in the country? No strong words are enough to condemn these shameless attitudes.
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    This a punishable offense and the headmaster and teachers must be given strict punishment. These so-called teachers have been creating an undesirable caste division in the society. They need to pay a price for this unacceptable offense.
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    This is the shameful act and school authorities should be given a punishment for the same. How can they do this as kids are supposed to teach equality and they are teaching them the opposite?

    I have seen a lot of videos on social media where teachers in schools of Bihar are not qualified enough. I have seen one video where the teacher didn't know the spellings of January and February. Even the principal of the school didn't know the name of our president. Imagine what they would teach. They themselves are required to be taught.

    It's very shameful. The government should cancel the certification of the school for this act.


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    A very unwanted system. We are all thinking of coming out of this casteism. In our day to day life, we will not give much importance to this factor. I don't know the caste of my neighbour. we all live together. But the government is only invoking this caste system by announcing different types of Sops to different caste students. That is why this caste system is getting more and more attention.
    It is never acceptable to have sections based on caste. How this school is doing is not known. Unnecessarily this will bring some type of rivalry among the students. A suitable action against the institute is very much desirable.

    I think the politicians are responsible for this attitude. They always try to bring in this caste feeling for getting the votes. They will never allow this feeling to die down.

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    Not seem surprised of this fact even if there is any because the elected political class determines the set of mentality of the commons & the any of the political parties dot intend to use any others ways to fight elections & win, In India, the major part of the population still limited to their world only & their main grounds are moved around with their faiths like for example what kind of religion, caste or the community they are belonging to. The problem is that we have been left with the education system which although let us aware our existence about in the twenty first century but major portions of the study moves around with the traditional subjects wherein the faith is given the important ground above anything.

    Still the if we believe in the reality than the policy of divide & rule continue to exist even in the mean time.

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