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    What if we had no alphabets in our languages

    Ever wondered if there were no alphabets in any language? Would verbal communication then be the only way to express ourselves? Convey your views on this intriguing possibility!

    We have different languages and we converse through these languages. However, for our conversations, we can manage without specific forms for the letters and words used. But these had to be represented using symbols in due course. This led to the formulation of symbolic forms, which we now call as alphabets. Again, these alphabets were independently developed in different parts of the world. The speaking patterns and words used were also very different from place to place. Obviously, the forms of alphabets also became different. Later these became different languages. Now the languages help to convey one's ideas to others. Slowly corresponding alphabets gave better clarity for the messages conveyed.

    Suppose these alphabets were not invented to scribble down what one has in the mind, conveyance of ideas would have been only through speech. It implies that the preservation of what was conveyed was not possible. So the invention of alphabets in different languages was the starting point of education and preservation of knowledge. Think about a situation where no alphabets are there in a language. In fact, there are certain languages without alphabets even within our country.
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    Yes. A written script is when the recorded history is from. The first ever written, intelligible script comes from 3000 BC. Since then it is believed that human history begins.
    Scripts help us record our stories. Actually even in India for most part many Indians couldn't read. They used a language called Pali but Pali too was written only by a few. For the most part Indians used oral tradition to pass on their stories. And we quite often forget the tribes of India. These tribes still go on with oral tradition and have no script.
    Things would be really tough with no script or symbols to work with. We will have never been a complex society if we couldn't write.

    There's a story in Bible that explains why people have different languages. It is said that Tower of Babel was being constructed by millions of people as a rebellion against God. God just made the workers speak different tongues and watched the discoordination that ensued. The tower could never be completed. That explains clearly the importance of being understood through language. Language is quintessential to form a society.

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    It is true that when there was no script for languages preservation of the knowledge was not possible. The knowledge was transferred through words only. It will change as we spread it from one to other. Then there was the necessity of transferring the knowledge in writing. That has given way to the evolutions of symbols for different words and that has become the script of that language. The symbols for each letter in different languages has been formatted. With this now it has become easy for people to communicate and transfer knowledge.
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    In ancient India, people are used to transferring knowledge by remembering it. It passed from generations to generations and in the period of evolution, we invented the writing skill. Initially, we start with the pictures. After that, we slowly move to the symbol and these symbols become standardize and we invented language. This timeline story is moreover the same for all the language in the world. Many of the world languages have extinct and many taking birth. Many languages are in a state of developing.
    We often talk by facial and bodily expression this a language. In the era of globalization many languages becoming obsolete. We can also take an example of the differently abled people they use sign language. Everybody strives to express with the language they like and feel comfortable.

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    Very interesting thread raised by the author.

    Alphabets in any language are required when there is a need of writing it.

    Interestingly if a language does not have its own alphabets then it is possible to write it in many languages using the alphabets of those languages.

    I have seen some old books pertaining to the British period in India which are actually devnagri ( hindi ) material but written in English alphabets but when you read it, you get hindi only.

    In old times when powerful countries invaded others, they used their own alphabets only to write the proper names and other information regarding local names and customs. That is the usual technique to bridge the gap created by not knowing the alphabets of other language.

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    One can look at the body language of a deaf or someone who got with the speech & hearing problems & hope so that we will have the proper answer then. There are few old civilization still existing which is all the way completely different & even untouched from the modern lives of us & they all have there records or communication based on the specific signs which fills the communication gap. This is important to note that every civilizations of the past were facilitated by some sorts of mechanisms in order to come over their shortcomings & in that context we studied about the barter system when the coins were not well established yet & the same being the case with our own communication system.

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    Without alphabets in any language, it will be impossible to express through writing then we will have to express like a primitive man in symbols or signs.

    This is the development which was made. We developed a script to replace this sign language. If there were no alphabets we will again go to the past life. Everything from the internet to the newspaper will become obsolete for us.


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