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    How to hold the phone correctly while answering a call?

    Sounds silly, but, really I am having a peculiar problem in answering calls on my smartphone. Whenever I answer a call, eight out of ten times the call goes on hold or is muted. Ever weirder, there is a series of buzzing sounds and when I look at the screen, I see the note section has opened and a series of alphabets have got typed out on it! I did change my hand-hold from the top side to the bottom, but the problem persisted. Initially, since everyone knew I was a new user of a smartphone, they were patient and laughed it off. Now, they are obviously getting peeved at getting cut off or put on hold. Even I find it no longer hilarious and am feeling distinctly uncomfortable and embarrassed.

    So, seriously, can someone explain why all these odd things are happening? Have any of you experienced the same? Is there some correct grip to hold the phone? Need advice asap!
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    My smartphone gives various types of (similar) problems to its unsmart owner. Whenever I discuss the issues with 'mobile-experts', they say that the smartphone has 'calibration problem'. Till now the unsmart man has failed to understand calibration of mobile phone.

    As a layman, I would advise you the following:-
    (a) After using the internet in your smartphone, kindly close the internet button, i.e., disconnect the internet. This would help to reduce the spam.
    (b) Try not to touch the 'smart-screen' while talking to someone.

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    Really we face many problems with smartphones as they are hyperactive. We face many such problems with touchscreen phones. Any unintended touch also will give these problems. It is better to have a locking system at a small interval and we should not keep many screens opened at a time. We have to close the screens as and when we have completed our work.
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    It is because while talking your cheek touches the screen of the smartphone. While talking, keep only the earpiece touching your ear and keep the rest of the phone a bit away from your cheek.

    Hope it solves your problem. Keep us posted!

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    Your phone has a sensor that senses the proximity through touch. Give your receiver end a tilt. Since your ears or cheeks are not touching the screen, the screen won't turn on and you won't face such problems. Here can be one more interesting thing. You might have not removed the front screen cover that you get when you buy a new phone. This cover imitates touch and can turn screen on mid call.
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    After swapping green button to receive the call, one has to hold the Smartphone with the frame part only. Our fingers shouldn't touch the screen. The upper end of the phone should touch your ears and the lower end should be kept little away from mouth. If you keep the phone too far away from your mouth in a very slanty position the others cannot receive your Voice.

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    This is happening because while answering the call the screen is touching your cheek or any other body parts. The smartphones are always touch-sensitive and I would request you to go through the user manual of the phone to find if there is any option mentioned there to reduce this sensitivity. The other members have already adviced here about how to hold your phone while answering the call and I am adding a little information that can help a lot to reduce the problem you are facing.

    I have downloaded the image of a flip cover and attaching herewith just for your reference. While answering the call, just flip back the cover on the screen and keep on talking. Since the screen is covered during the conversation, there is no chance of the screen getting touched by any body parts and hope it will solve the issue. These flip covers protect your mobile also and it is easily available everywhere.


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    This is a pretty common problem. Don't answer the call while it is on charging or connected to a computer. The sensor of the phone become more sensitive when it is connected to power the socket. So the phone sense little of the movement near the touch screen. I suggest you disconnect the phone and answer the call. Keep phone straight and little away from the chin and avoid touching the screen while on phone. As you said a smartphone is new to you such a problem will arise to you. For this, you should not feel embarrassed.
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    Lets use the hands free instead of using mobile directly touching your skin as somehow the rays emitting out of it would be effecting your bodily reactions accordingly causing the serious implications to your body cells. Considering this I wouldn't even suggest the use of Bluetooth either.

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    It is always better to hold the phone slightly far away from our ears and we should not touch the screen in between the call by mistake. In some phones the speech to text is on by default and it is better to off it otherwise funny texts will be coming on the screen even with the sound of the fan running over our head.

    It is advisable to use ear phones for calling or receiving as that is the best way to keep the phone away. Some people use the remote blue tooth also but I do not have experience about that.

    Keeping phone far from our body ensures a lower dose of electromagnetic radiation also, which is another plus point.

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    It happens with me too occasionally. It happens when our cheek touches the screen. The best way is to keep your phone at a little distance from your ear that will solve your problem.

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    As advised, I have kept the phone away, slightly tilted and away from my cheeks and it has helped. In fact, I had seen many people holding their phones at a slant and always wondered why they did so, finding it odd and thinking about how the recipient could hear them, Now I know! Thanks to all for the helpful advice.

    Prasanna - I never answer a call when it is charging.

    Sankalan - my phone does have a flip cover, but when I tried taking calls through it, found that the receipient sometimes could not hear me clearly .

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