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    Why politicians dragging Lord Hanuman into religious political track?

    Recently BJP and other political leaders from Uttar Pradesh dragging Lord Hanuman into political track. UP Chief Minister Mr.Yogi Adityanath recently described Lord Hanuman as Dalit Tribal. Yesterday UP Samajwadi party leader Mr.Bukkal described Hanumanji as Muslim. After that a minister of Adityanath cabinet, Mr.Laxmi Narayan described Hanumanji as a Jat. Politicians polluted all walks of human life. Now they started bringing even God's into political arena for their political milage. Of course already political parties are using hindutva, Lord Ram, minority religions planks for their political purpose. But politicians bringing issues like whether Hanumanji is aMuslim or Dalit Tribal or Jat like issues to the fore etc. There is no such historical or mythological authenticity to say such things like that. Do you think people get fed up with this type of political propaganda to garner votes in elections?
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    It is not new in our country to bring religion into politics. Many of the politicians used to give Iftar dinner even though he is not a Muslim to all Muslims to get their votes. In the same way, some Ministers will go to Churches and offer them dinner even though he is not a Christian. Telangana Chief Minister is planning to give a dinner to all the Christians dinner in LB Stadium of Hyderabad. Again this is also an action to get votes from Christians. But no Minister is not giving any dinner to Hindus for any festival.
    Probably the UP BJP leaders are getting influenced by these people and they are trying to bring in the Gods directly into the politics. Unfortunately these days those politicians don't know that there is no unity in Hindu, unlike other religions. I know that no Hindu will go and vote for one party. There will be so many divisions again, So it makes no difference for vote bank even though they bring in Hanuman into politics.

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    This is actually the lesson to the people of India. We the people should understand the stunts the political leaders(so-called) to drag the level of the politics. I don't know why they bring this issue in front of the people. Is these issue really matter to the people. People practice their religion on their belief. Bringing such issue just a representation of the wit of this leader. What we can do? the answer is don't pay heed to the topic. We should not fall prey to the stunts. They target us to get a political advantage only. What we concern today the most is education, health, jobs, food, infrastructure, etc. Why they don't discuss these issue? because they don't have knowledge of it. What change they will bring who don't have the knowledge of a key issue. We should improve our political knowledge and avoid such leader to get chosen.
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    I dont have problems with stupid politicians but with stupid people who buy these thoughts and vote for them. Hanuman is described as a Vanar, a languar monkey. Why are they event attributing religion and caste to a non human divine entity, I don't know. When I first read Ramayana, I liked to see Vanar as a tribal South Indian society because I couldn't digest a kingdom of monkeys then. But in one chapter it's clearly said that Ravana set Hanuman's tail, meaning, Hanuman is a literal monkey in Ramayana. Why should we include animals in our dreadful caste system? Its clearly absurd.
    As for the claim that Hanuman is a Jat, isn't it otherwise? Jats are descendants of Hanuman. But the only thing in common would be their wrestling prowess.

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    There are ridiculous things too being taking place during elections campaigning & so we are witnessing the same. Let's observe & enjoy to see about how cheap that we can be. Hope so that we are not waiting for anything worst to come as we got 5 more Months to go for the General election.

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    I am of the opinion that we need to (in the present circumstances) learn to brush aside such foolish comments by some political figures who come up with such ridiculous and illogical comments. Lord Rama being ( conceived to be so) a Kshatriya, the intention behind such findings might be to influence voters from other religions and castes. These people must realize that such fairy tales may work out with only some sections of the society in some parts of India with which they are accustomed to. India is witnessing a drastic change in the way we think and behave; the sad part being that it is for the worse.
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    That's not strange when we talk about the politicians. But they have crossed the limit of stupidity this time. May be they are illiterate as they haven't read that Lord Hanuman was a Vanar(monkey) so He didn't have any religion or the caste as we human beings have.

    I dont know why people tolerate their rubbish speech. This is nothing new as elections are going to come in a few months so we are expected to see such politics now. These politics will now start playing with the minds of people and will make us fool to get the votes. They won't care about the sentiments of the people. They will play because we let them play.


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    Elect a monk and expect circus.

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    In politics, the players will use anything which can provide them a political mileage out of that.

    They are least bothered for caste, creed and religion but they will appear to be very concerned about it when it comes to its utilization of arbitrage in terms of getting more votes.

    That is not a new thing in poltics whether the gullible voter knows it or not.

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