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    Knowledge acquired should be passed on to the next generation

    Why are skills and knowledge often dying out? Should these not be shared with the next generation?

    In this world, we see many senior people who are having good qualification and excellent experience in their field of work. In addition to education, the experience they have will make them much perfect and give them excellent practical knowledge. This hands-on experience will make them a specialist in that field. This practical skills they get should be passed on to the next generation people who will be working with them so that they will get a good grip over the work. The knowledge what you pass on will help the juniors and at the same time, your knowledge will also enhance for you. So one should not allow his experience to die down with him but it should be seen that it will be passed on to someone else so that it will continue forever.
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    I have heard from childhood that knowledge gains by sharing so one should share it. I have seen a few people at work who don't share their knowledge as they feel that their importance will reduce if they share it but that's wrong thinking as they forget as by deploying work they will get relief.

    It's good if we share our skills and knowledge with our juniors so that we may enhance their knowledge and skills too.


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    In old times all the knowledge was passed on vocally to the next generation without any confusion or ambiguity. The main reason was that writing facilities were not developed and were not affordable and the only way was to pass it on to the juniors.

    This went on for a long time and the knowledge base was continuously increasing as the new generations were adding a lot of new information to it.

    With the advent of technology and facilities the passing on of the experience and skills was hindered as the text books and written literature became available and the seniors assumed that the disciples will gather everything from there itself.

    Unfortunately, the experience, practical knowledge and some skills can not be learned from the books. For this a demonstration or guidance is required from the seniors.

    So the author has rightly brought out in this thread the need to pass on the experience to the younger generation.

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    It's true, the skills one have should be shared with the next generation so that they can develop further. Nowadays, almost everybody is searching the internet for any confusion and they are gaining some knowledge. That is the theoretical part, but for the practical experience, one has to learn it from the experienced person who has the mastery over the know-how of the implementation.

    We learn things from different sources, but when we see the implementation of any particular topic it becomes clear. I agree with Mr. Sanjeev Gupta on the point that there are people who think that sharing of knowledge will reduce their importance. Those people are generally noncooperative and their subordinates are not comfortable to work with them. By sharing knowledge, it always increases because the other person who is learning it can incorporate her/his own ideas in it and can develop more interesting things. Actually, inventions take place in this way. When you are sharing your part and progress in an experiment with the next generation, they can carry out more experimentations to make it even more perfect and that is how it works. Therefore, it's always important to pass on the acquired knowledge to the next generation.


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    Yes I agree the knowledge should be passed to next generation. With knowledge and hands on experience they can easily teach the next generation. This applies in every field. A mother will pass on her cooking skills to her daughter, sharing family secret recipes will carry forward for generations to generations and similarly even in office sharing the knowledge of the type of work, do's and donts based on experience will definitely be very helpful for others.

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