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    What does this phrase mean?

    I am confused about a phrase, which I chanced upon somewhere, and am here seeking help from our learned panel of members to help me understand it.

    The phrase is - "On among the tow."

    What do you think this could mean? I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
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    I think the phrase should be - 'one among the tow'. Wherever you came across this phrase, the author forgot to put that 'e' in 'one' or it could be a typo.

    I think you are referring to this thread .

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    Given that it is a typo. However, what does - "one among the tow" mean?
    In that case, there are two typos there.
    Funny; and here I am, trying to understand the phrase.

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    I thought it is a typo mistake. It should be One of the two, I think. 'E' from one is missing. "TWO" has become "TOW" Instead of "of", ' among' is used. I don't know whether among is also correct. Probably the Editor who has written this can explain better,
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    It might be "one among the two". That is what I feel. May be the author might explain.

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    There seems to be a combination of typos there as the phrase is not giving any simple or idiomatic meaning.

    Assuming that the word 'tow' is correct then the only possible idiom is 'in tow' which means accompanying alongside or under one's supervision. We have to see whether that fits in the text where it is seen.

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    Öne among the tow" (One among the two) is also grammatically incorrect. "One of the two" is the correct usage.
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    Frankly, Me too confused. The first reason was the author of the thread Ms. Juana, one of my favorites in ISC and known to be proficient in English. On verifying the link provided by Gypsy, first I wondered whether I have approved the question. But for sure, I never commit a mistake in choosing 'between' and 'among' as there was an exclusive examination for English Grammar (as paper II) in our SSC and my father used to bang me for such little errors in our practice examinations. Then who would be? We checked it and presently the Editor is not available and on tour, also who never commits a mistake. Again a doubt - if such a phrase exists! May be, if it were a simple typo error, our members would remind it to get it corrected via PM.

    Finally, it is understood that it was a typo error and once it is approved without verifying the text then there is no provision to view the approved abstract of the AE question and the next AE question would be displayed on the screen for review. This is also an experience and we would request the WM to design such programme as it happens in other sections such as Jobs and articles. Now, necessary corrections are made in the said thread.

    So, I got the essence of this new phrase "On among the tow"- Editors, you too take care of the typo errors , else the meaning may change.

    No offences meant, making this comment sportively. I am locking this thread.


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